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Best Renal Transplant Hospital. Kidney Transplant in Delhi | India , Dehli , India

Our last technology is beside you to help you find the right treatment for your renal problem. Nova Specialty Surgery, Brings you today a whole package  Of Kidney Transplant in Delhi, India that will help you out your health condition. Click on Learn More and find how we can help you!

Best Renal Transplant Surgery in Bangalore India , Bengaluru , India

Manipal Hospital offers a new chance for life to patients who need a kidney transplant.

Bone Marrow Transplant in India | BLK Memorial Hospital , New Delhi , India

The cost of allogenic transplant at our center is approx USD 35,000 and the cost of autologous transplant is approx USD 20,000.

Approximate hosp stay in allogenic transplant is 5 weeks and for autologous transplant is 3-4 weeks.

Kidney Transplant in Gurgaon India , Gurgaon , India

The latest technologies for kidney failure are now here at Medanta The Medicity. We made a special package for your renal problem that is guaranteed to help you find a better health condition. Click the contact button below and find out how we can help you at cheap rates!

Kidney Transplant Package in Izmir Turkey , Izmir , Turkey

Kent Hospital, with its high service quality in international standards and its JCI accreditation, offers highly-successful kidney transplant operations.

Kidney transplantations are being made in our A group private hospitals with 99% success rate.

Kidney Transplant Package in Turkey , Izmir,Istanbul ,

The kidney is the most vital organ in our body that performs a very important function of filtering waste from your blood and excreting this waste out of your body in form of urine. Kidney Transplant allows someone with renal failure to lead an active life free from reliance on dialysis and strict schedules. Check out which are the best Turkey Kidney Transplant centers that offer affordable packages to medical tourists!

Kidney Transplant Surgery Package in India , Mumbai,Goa,Chennai,Bangalore ,

Even after making changes in your diet plan, taking medication and seeking other forms of treatment for the Kidney disease your kidneys still can’t filter your blood adequately, then it is time you consider having a kidney transplant. Check out which are the best Indian centers that offer affordable Kidney Transplant to medical tourists!

Liver Transplant Package in Ankara Turkey , Ankara , Turkey

The price for the liver transplant package offered by Guven Hospital, starts at $75,000. 

Liver Transplant Package in Izmir Turkey , Izmir , Turkey

Kent Hospital has one of the most active and experienced living donor liver transplant programs. Through  Liver Transplantation with Living-related Donors (mother, father, siblings, spouse or other relatives) where partial liver is transplanted from living relatives of the patient who has liver disease and is in need of organ transplantation, allowing patients to receive a transplant without a prolonged waiting period. The donor’s healthy liver grows back to full size within a three months.

Results 11 - 20 of 23

Organ-Transplant Packages | Abroad

Find best and affordable Organ-Transplant Packages around the globe. PlacidWay helps you find top Organ-Transplant hospitals.

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