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Best 10 Days Anti Stress Program in Croatia , Selce , Croatia

You will Relax with our Anti Stress Program, in the beautiful Croatia. This Package includes different relaxing massages, acupressure, individual exercising, accommodationat 4* hotel or apartment.  Our program is recognizedby professional and non professional sportsmen, showbiz individuals, managers and tourists from all over the World. Come and relieve your stress and start a positive attitude with us!

Delightful Relaxation and Wellbeing Package in Bad Ragaz Switzerland , Bad Ragaz , Switzerland

The relaxation and wellbeing package offers a delightful experience at the resort’s wellbeing and thermal spa. You will be able to pamper yourself with top notch products and treat your body to a calm, peaceful feeling.

HEALTHEATARIAN Program in Arlate Italy , Arlate , Italy

The program allows guests to revitalize their body from the damage inflicted by the daily stressful lifestyle and help prevent the absorption and accumulation of toxins.

Spa relaxation packages in Karlovy Vary Czech Republic , Karlovy Vary , Czech Republic

The Spa relaxation is just one of the many ways you can disconnect from the daily hustle and stress. Choosing the full board options in Carlsbad Spa and with accommodation included will energize your body and mind.

Benefit from the wonders of the thermal water treatments and spa therapies by opting for the all-inclusive spa packages in the Czech Republic in Karlovy Vary.

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Top Medical Spa Treatment in Selce Croatia , Selce , Croatia

An individually designed program in Croatia, you can visit of the beautiful Selce while enjoying this specialized treatment created just for you. Your request, needs and recommendations of our different specialists will be taken in consideration while creating it. Please come and enjoy our unique formula made for taking care of your health!

Results 1 - 5 of 5

Medical-Spa-Treatment Packages | Abroad

Find best and affordable Medical-Spa-Treatment Packages around the globe. PlacidWay helps you find top Medical-Spa-Treatment hospitals.

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