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Advanced Knee Replacement Surgery in Europe and Asia , Worldwide ,

Knee Replacement Surgery is quickly becoming a common treatment for those with knee problems. See now how worldwide options for knee surgery in advanced medical centers can help you.

Affordable Knee Replacement Surgery in Finland , Tampere , Finland

At COXA Excellence Hospital for Joint Replacement in Tampere, Finland, the  number one goal is to offer patients the best care and to reinstate them to active everyday life as quickly as possible. One of the most successful procedures performed with excellent outcomes is the the knee replacement surgical procedure.

Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgery in Izmir Turkey , Izmir , Turkey

Are you struggling with meniscus tears? Do you experience knee pain or catching? Good news! The Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgery in Turkey can repair tears and get you rid of pain and discomfort!

Best Destinations for Hip Surgery in Mexico , Cancun , Mexico

Have you ever imagined that your next vacation in exotic Latin America may include a hip replacement surgery? Choosing health care services in abroad locations has become such a huge trend that it has a name — medical tourism.

Mexico is a great medical tourism destinations since it has sunny locations for a vacation and excellent medical services.

Click on the package detail for more!

Best Knee Surgery In Mexico , Puerto Vallarta,Mexicali,Cabo San Lucas , Mexico

Mexico is by far the medical tourism country with the most convenience with exotic locations for a vacation and top notch medical services. Therefore your next vacation in sunny Latin America may include a knee replacement.

Discounted ACL Reconstruction in Pune India , Pune , India

You can have your ACL repair at Dr. Narendra Vaidya | Joint Replacement Specialist, Pune, India thru a package for a 2-night hospital stay for ONLY $3,000!

Dr Venkat Hip Replacement Surgeries in Chennai India , Chennai , India

Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam's MJRC Clinic launches its state of the art Hip Replacement Surgery Package in Chennai India Center. Find Affordable packages for Orthopedic / Knee Surgery.

Read more about this great package by clicking on package detail.

Hip Replacement Package in Milan Italy , Milan , Italy

The hip replacement is a surgical procedure where the damaged hip joint is replaced with an artificial one. Once it is replaced, the patient is able to resume his/her normal daily activities with complete satisfaction and relief. The main goal of this surgery is to drastically increase the patient's mobility, improve hip joint function and relieve pain.??

Hip Replacement Surgery in Mexico , Cancun , Mexico

The hip replacement surgery is, together with the knee replacement surgery one of the most successful orthopaedic procedures. It practically transforms a patient with a limited motion capacity and almost constant pain into an individual with a normal daily life.

Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis in Pune India , Pune , India

You can have your spinal fusion at Dr. Narendra Vaidya | Joint Replacement Specialist, Pune, India for ONLY $5,500!

Results 1 - 10 of 166

Orthopedic/Knee-Surgery Packages | Abroad

Find best and affordable Orthopedic/Knee-Surgery Packages around the globe. PlacidWay helps you find top Orthopedic/Knee-Surgery hospitals.

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