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Center Profile: Manipal Hospital
Manipal Hospital : A world-class network of healthcare establishments in India
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Manipal Hospital - Manipal International Patient Care
98, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore - 560017
Bangalore, India 560017

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Costs in India | Cheap Orthopedic Surgery India | Compare Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery Doctors, Packages, Centers, Clinics, Surgeons, Hospitals | Total Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad | Bangalore, India

Unilateral & Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangalore India

Manipal Knee Replacement Surgery Hospital India

Unilateral and Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery

in Bangalore, India

Who Rewards from a Total Knee Replacement Technique? 
Anybody going through pain in the knee while walking, restricted range of motion due to a disease process, anyone who has suffered traumatic injury of the knee, may reap the benefits of a total knee replacement. Some health conditions that caused injury to the knees demanding surgical restoration include but are not limited to:
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Traumatic injury
  • Runner's knee
Total Knee Replacement Surgery Facility IndiaManipal Unilateral Knee Replacement Hospital India
Complete Knee replacement surgery is usually carried out using computer assisted surgical systems. Unique equipment like electromagnetic or infrared video cameras shows pictures from inside the knee cavity onto video displays within an operational room. Such pictures are transported from the knee through a piece of surgical instrument called an endoscope, removing the need for large and painful incisions.

Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Prior to surgery, patients are required to undergo a variety of diagnostic tests.  These tests may include:
  • X-rays
  • Knee joint aspiration
  • Urine tests
  • Blood tests
  • CT scans - computed tomography
  • MRIs - magnetic resonance imaging
Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India
*The conversion rate is 1 USD - 55 INR.

**Implant Cost is Extra for Knee Replacements

The Treatment Plan: Unilateral Total Knee Replacement
The Duration of stay in the Hospital: 7 days
The Duration of stay outside the Hospital (Recovery Stay): 10 days
The Treatment Plan: Bilateral Total Knee Replacement
The Duration of stay in the Hospital: 10 days
The Duration of stay outside the Hospital (Recovery Stay): 10 days
The Estimate Details: 
The Estimate Includes:Total Knee Replacement in India Image
  1. Bed charges          
  2. Clinical Lab Charges
  3. Professional Charges
  4. Nursing Charges
  5. Dietary Charges for the patient
  6. Operation Theatre charges
  7. Anesthetist charges     
The Estimate Excludes:
  1. Stay outside the hospital is 2 weeks, cost of knee replacement surgery in India is not included in the aboven estimate and is payable on actual.
  2. Special diet will be provided at additional cost. 
  3. Any outpatient consultations and medicines, which are required during the follow-up will not be a part of the estimate. 
  4. The estimate knee replacement surgery cost is for the number of days indicated above, if situation demands to extend stay in hospital, the additional days stay would be charged accordingly. 
  5. Special Investigations referred by other departments or if situation demands any additional investigation would be charged accordingly. 
Note:Cheap Orthopedic Surgery India at Manipal with PlacidWay
  1. The cost mentioned is on approximation. The exact costs will depend on the patient’s general condition, stay in hospital & consumption of drugs.
  2. We will provide you with a complimentary pick up from the Airport.
  3. The  visa extension/visa registration charges will have to be borne by the patient / attendant for their stay in India (as per the statuary requirements in INDIA). However, Manipal Hospital facilitates the aforesaid procedure.  
  4. Please carry 10 passport photograph copies which, would be required for visa formalities for each person. 
  5. Travel expenses for visa formalities are not included in the above estimate and is payable by the patient. 
  6. The above estimate will be valid for a period of 30 days from the receipt of this mail
  7. Please forward the patients complete travel details at least two working days in advance so that we can make all the necessary arrangements to pick them up from the from airport or railway station
  8. On arrival, the patient and attendants would need to register with the Police Commissioners Office. This will be coordinated by us.
  9. We make arrangements for  Hospital Guest House/Hotel facilities at locations convenient to the hospital. Please feel free to contact us for reservations before your arrival.
What Make Us Different?
Best Orthopedic Surgery India Photo at Manipal Hospitals
  • Clinical excellence and patient centric care
  • Success rates of international standards
  • Highly experienced pool of doctors with international affiliations
  • Preferred player for international patients (over 4000 international patients being treated every year )
  • Network of hospitals to help the patient choose an option that suits them better
  • 3rd largest Healthcare chain in India
  • Exclusive international patient care department to assist with all the needs of a foreigner
  • Continuous focus on quality and the hospital is certified by ISO, NABH, NABL

We at the Manipal Hospital - Manipal International Patient Care Centre are pleased to serve you.


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Manipal Hospital Doctors
Dr. Devananda N.S, Pediatric/Neonatal Cardiac Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery
Dr. Deepak Dubey, Urology and Laparoscopy
Dr Shiva Shankar , Urology
Dr Somanna, Urology, Gynaecology
Dr. H. Sudarshan Ballal, Nephrology
Dr.G.K.Prakash, Nephrology
Dr Ravishankar B, Nephrology
Dr.S.Kishore Babu, Nephrology
Dr Sanjay Rampure, Nephrology
Dr Vishwanath S, Nephrology
Dr. Vidyadhara S., Robotic Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Endoscopic Spine Surgery
Dr Satish Rudrappa, Neurology and Trauma Care
Dr. Sadiq S. Sikora , Hepatology, Oncology
Dr. Vinodha Reddy , Obesity Surgery, Gastroenterology

Unilateral & Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangalore India

Unilateral and Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangalore India

Manipal Hospital in Bangalore India launches its state of the art Unilateral and Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery at affordable rates. PlacidWay helps you find affordable orthopedic / knee surgeries around the globe.

Unilateral Knee Replacement Surgery 4500 USD

Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery 7600 USD

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