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New Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebellar Atrophy in India

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ReeLabs  Stem Cell Therapy Mumbai, India

New Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebellar Atrophy 

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Cerebellar atrophy is a degeneration of the cerebellum, a section of the brain responsible for balance, voluntary muscle movements, and posture. People with damage to the cerebellum can experience symptoms like unsteady gait, poor muscle control, and trouble speaking or swallowing.

The autologous mesenchymal stem cells are transfused back in to the body. These cells have the ability to repair the damaged tissues. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) should be able to induce neurogenesis (and hence regenerating brain tissue) , thereby improving the brain function and in turn alleviating his symptoms.
Stem Cell Treatment Reelabs

ReeLabs is a highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art Stem Cell facility that employs a quality management system based on continuous improvement, to ensure that all aspects of its services are consistently carried out and meets international Cellular Therapy (CT) standards. The laboratory is in accordance with:



Stem Cell Center


GLP - Good Laboratory Practices

• GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices

• AABB - American Association of Blood Banks




These are the highest possible accreditations for Cord Blood Banks and Stem Cell Centers. We pride ourselves on these stringent standards and guarantee that each sample is screened, processed and stored according to the strictest international quality assurance program.



In addition to this, effective clean room and laminar flow environments (the cornerstone of healthy tissue processing) and stringent microbiological analysis systems ensure optimum hygiene and sterility of each and every stem cell sample.

Sufficient quantity of Bone marrow sample is taken, the first time so that it can be used for further doses. Contrary to the popular belief, bone marrow aspiration is painless when performed under local anesthesia.

Stem cells offered by ReeCure are essentially safe, non-toxic, devoid of side effects and easy to administer while maximizing its beneficial effects in repair and regeneration of the cell, tissue or organ.

Our Highly Trained Doctors

Dr. Altaf Patel - M.M.B.S. , M.D.

Dr. Altaf Patel

Special Training - FCPS- 1975 1st.Attempt. Gold Medallist.Awarded FICA, USA in 1976.

Professional Memberships - Willingdon Sports Club & on Balloting & disciplinarycommittee. College of Physicians & Surgeons. Past President College of Physicians & Surgeons. Association of Physicians of India. Ex member Central Government committee for AIDS and Immunohaematology .Association of Medical Consultants International Board for Clinical metal Toxicology USA

Professional Attachments - Past President College of Physicians & Surgeons, Bombay. Hon. Consultant Physician, Jaslok Hospital &Medical Research Center.Hon. Professor of medicine & Hon. Physician at Grant Medical College & J.J.Hospital from 1979.Teacher for M.B.B.S. since 22 years. Recognized teacher for M.D. Medicine for Post- Graduate students of Bombay University . Member Cardiology Society of India. Hon. Physican Prince Aly Khan Hospital. SrConsultant Saifee Hospital.

Dr. Hasnain L. Patel - M.M.B.S. , M.D.

Dr. Hasnain L. PatelSpecial Training - Board Certified Metal Toxicologist by IBCMT

Professional Memberships - Association of Physicians of India, Association of Medical Consultants, Special ICMR committee on nutrition, WIAA, International Board of Chemical and Metal Technology, Willingdon Sports Club

Professional Attachments - Habib Hospital, Saifee Hospital, Prince Aly Khan Hospital

Dr. Vaibhav Mistry

Dr. Vaibhav MistryM.B.B.S. (Karnataka), M.D. (Pune)

Special Training - Rotating Internship - K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai. Residency: Bharti Hospital, Pune; Jehangir Hospital, Pune; Kamla Nehru Hospital, Pune (General Medicine).

Professional Memberships - Member of Indian Medical Association, Member of KMA.

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