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Package: Best Breast Augmentation Package in Madrid Spain

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Top Breast Augmentation Surgery Spain | Affordable Breast Augmentation Madrid

Best Breast Augmentation Package in Madrid Spain
Package Price: 5300.0
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery
By RC Health Spain RC Estetica Medica Integral


Best Breast Augmentation Package in Madrid, Spain

What is Breast Aumentation Surgery ?

Breast Augmentation is achieved through the use of implants. The common reasons that require this type of surgery are the poor development or no development of the mammary gland or the atrophy that occurs sometimes after several pregnancies.

The implants are placed through an incision in the periareolar or submammary region. The placement is always behind the gland which may be retroglandular, retrofascial or retromuscular.

Breast Augmentation RC Health SpainThe Breast Augmentation surgery lasts about 2 hours and is accomplished under local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia if necessary. In the postoperative, antibiotics and analgesics are indicated as well as a 72-hour rest. A specific bandage is used for about 2 weeks.

When you see your surgeon for breast implants, you should consider:

- The type of incision the surgeon will use to place the implant, as it is determined by the breast size, as well as the size of the nipple-areola area. The typical approach is through the submammary, periareolar and armpit fold and its differences may be consulted with the surgeon.

 - The volume of implants need to fit the anatomical proportions of the patient and the size of the breast so as to obtain a balanced body.

Besides an implant, some patients also need the aesthetic correction of the position of the nipple-areola complex and this surgery is usually performed on an outpatient setting, and local anesthesia and sedation (neuroleptanalgesia) is utilized.

Best Breast Augmentation Package Spain




for only 5300 €

All our surgical treatments include:

  • Specialist Consultation
  • Pre-Op studies (full blood analysis, ekg, chest x-ray)
  • Anesthesiologist physician consultation
  • Hospital admission
  • Overnight hospital stay
  • Check-ups and treatments until patient returns to home country
  • Follow-ups

Why Choose RC Health Spain?

We understand that living in a modern world requires a permanent lookout to feeling good and comfortable with ourselves, even in stressful experiences. That is why RC Health Spain offers comprehensive solutions to achieve success:We offer you personalized attention 24 hours a day.

  • Leading plastic surgeon Dr. Roy Camacho Ramirez holds 26 years of experience in cosmetic surgery
  • RC Spain provides full medical support to each patient
  • Pre & post-Op diagnosis and medical controls
  • Customized financing for patients that need it

You can find out more about RC Health Spain here.

Begin a new life with the Breast Augmentation Package, click below to learn how!

Best Breast Augmentation Package in Madrid Spain

Choose the Best Breast Augmentation Package from RC Health Spain and you will begin a new life. See the full package features and requirements.

Category: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery
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