Gastric Sleeve Package In Ahmedabad, India
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Package: Gastric Sleeve Package In India

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Gastric Sleeve Package In India
Package Price: -7500.0
Treatment: Obesity/Bariatric Surgery
By Asian Bariatrics

Asian Bariatrics Ahmedabad India

Gastric Sleeve Package In India

Gastric Sleeve India

You have tried several dieting and weight loss programs, but nothing is working for you?

You are desperately looking for a solution for weight loss?

If yes, then Gastric Sleeve surgery is the answer to your problem!

Gastric Sleeve surgery is basically a procedure for losing weight; at Asian Bariatrics you can easily go through a Gastric Sleeve surgery as it is the best hospital all over India providing top-level treatments for obesity.

Gastric Sleeve surgery is the best option for those who want to lose 50lbs weight or more than that.  Obesity can make a person feel depressed and frustrated about themselves, but with the obesity treatments provided at Asian Bariatrics a person can live a normal and happy life. Gastric Sleeve surgery reshapes the stomach into a tube form, so the smaller your stomach is, the less you will eat and can easily lose weight. But don’t be worried your body will still be receiving all the nutrients it needs. So Gastric Sleeve surgery is the solution for weight loss offered by Asian Bariatrics.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Asian Bariatrics

  • 3D System – $ 2000 extra on the above packages
  • Band Placement in any category in any Surgery will cost $ 2000 Extra
  • Actual cost will depend upon the type of surgery and type of room category. It will be decided when you meet your doctor. 
  • Above mentioned packages is valid for having till BMI = 55. 
  • 20% will increase on above said package for >55 BMI.

Benefits Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • The main advantage of Gastric Sleeve surgery is that you can feel full while having small portions of food.
  • Gastric Sleeve surgery is a less invasive procedure than the other Bariatric surgeries.
  • In Gastric Sleeve surgery, there are no dietary restrictions so a patient can enjoy all foods which he/she used to eat before the surgery.
  • In Gastric Sleeve procedure, there is no risk of the dumping syndrome.
  • There are no external materials inserted in this procedure like the other surgeries (gastric band or gastric balloon) which can cause infection, eroding or slipping.

Patient eligibility:

  • patients suffering from the following conditions will be considerd high risk cases and will not qualify for the procedure: HIV, cardiovascular diseases, chronic lung disease, severe uncontrolled diabetes, severe uncontrolled hypertension or any other medical condition which requires ICU care and admission.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Package


Gastric Sleeve Surgery Package


Stay at the hospital (3 – 4 days)

Other charges which are not linked with the procedure will be charged additionally.

Surgical team, Assistant Surgeon and Surgeon fees

Extra charges will be charge for any additional procedures.

 Anesthesia team charges

Radiology and pathology investigations are excluded from the package

OT charges, disposable materials, hospital medication and medical equipment.

Medication supply after releasing from the hospital (i.e. Home Medicine Supply

Nurse for taking care before and after surgery

Before the hospitalization consultation charges, after discharge regular checkups.

Fees of the physician before surgery

Extra stay in the hospital will be charged additionally.

Accommodation and meal for single attendant.

ICU stay

Bariatric Surgery

For additional details and information about Asian Bariatrics or Gastric Sleeve procedure, contact us without any hesitation.

Obesity, Bariatric Surgery

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