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Liver Transplant Package in Izmir Turkey

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Kent International Hospital


Liver Transplant Package in Izmir, Turkey


Turkey's most well-known centre for liver transplantation


As a Center of Excellence our Liver Transplantation Center is a hope for patients who need liver transplantation.

Living donors and their recipients come to us from countries around the world because of our team approach, comfortable accomodations, and successful outcomes.

To date, our experienced liver transplant team has performed over 1,700 successful Liver Transplants and over 1,500 Liver Trasplants from Living Related Donors.

Our success rate is higher than the world’s average - we are especially experienced with transplants in babies less than a year old. Our youngest patient to date was a 15-day-old baby. The survival rate exceeding 90 % is above the standards.

Kent Hospital has been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) continually since 2006.

Liver Transplant Turkey


Liver Transplant Program

Kent Hospital has one of the most active and experienced living donor liver transplant programs. Through  Liver Transplantation with Living-related Donors (mother, father, siblings, spouse or other relatives) where partial liver is transplanted from living relatives of the patient who has liver disease and is in need of organ transplantation, allowing patients to receive a transplant without a prolonged waiting period. The donor’s healthy liver grows back to full size within a three months. 

As you move through the transplant process, from evaluation to organ transplantation, the liver transplant team of doctors, surgeons, nurses, case managers and other clinicians work together to manage your care at every stage, with the goal of helping you return to a full and productive life.



  • Pre-operative evaluation tests and consultation for 1st donor and recipient,
  • Donor and recipient surgery, medical supplies and nursing services,
  • Doctor Fees,
  • 20 days stay at hospital for recipient /3-4 days ICU/,
  • 7 days stay at hospital for donor /1 day ICU/,
  • Post-operative evaluation tests for donor and recipient,
  • Medications used for procedure during admission,
  • Stay in a private room with companion,
  • Dietician Services,
  • 3 months follow up care on an outpatient basis for recipient,
  • 1 rutin evaluation on an outpatient basis for donor.



  • Extended length of stay,     
  • Tests for 2nd,3rd,4th,5th, 6th and etc. donors,
  • Professional charges of any other consultant for any other procedure,
  • Hotel accommodation.

Liver Transplant Team

  • Assoc. Prof. Murat KILIÇ, MD
  • Assoc. Prof. Murat ZEYTUNLU, MD
  • Hüseyin Cahit YILMAZ, MD
  • Zafer ÖNEN, MD
  • Prof. Mehmet ALPER, MD
  • Rasim FARAJOV, MD
  • Prof. Ethem TANKURT, MD
  • Prof. Çiğdem ARIKAN, MD
  • Seda UŞARER, RD

Kidney Transplantation Izmir Turkey


Intenational Patients Services

Wherever you live, you want the best medical and health services for you and your loved ones.

The International Patient Services at Kent Hospital has dedicated to meeting the needs of international patients and their families.

Our goal is to ensure our patients have an exceptional experience at our center so they may focus on their treatment, recovery and wellness.

The International Patient Department offers an array of services even before the patient arrives for medical treatment.

Its services include:

  • Medical Second Opinion /free of charge/,
  • Coordination of appointments,
  • Assistance with travel and accommodations,
  • Airport > Hotel > Hospital transfers,
  • Assist the patient and their relatives and inform them about any related matter,
  • Interpreting Services: English, Russian, Arabian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Georgian, Kurdish and Greek.


Liver Transplantation Izmir Turkey

Liver Transplantation  in 5-star hotel comfort

Our inpatient services include a VIP suite room, 10 suite rooms, and 192 standard rooms. The rooms meet all needs of our patients and their families, free wireless is available throughout the hospital, and all rooms have interactive TVs and computer hook-ups, complimentary shuttle services to business centers and shopping malls. From the outset, our hospital has aimed to meet and exceed international quality standards.      


To get the exact details for the kidney transplant packages your specific case, please contact with our

İnternational Patient Office.

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