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Package: Duodenal Switch Surgery Package in Ahmedabad India

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Duodenal Switch | Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch | Gastric Sleeve | Gastric Bypass | Obesity Surgery | Bariatric Surgery | Ahmedabad,India

Duodenal Switch Surgery Package in Ahmedabad India
Package Price: Call to Check
Treatment: Obesity/Bariatric Surgery
By Asian Bariatrics

Asian Bariatrics Ahmedabad India

Duodenal Switch Surgery Package in Ahmedabad, India

Gastric Balloon


Are you tired of being obese and finally decided to undergo bariatric surgery?

Why not choose the most efficient of the procedures: the duodenal switch surgery!


The duodenal switch procedure combines the malabsorptive and restrictive weight loss surgery methods. By reducing the size of the stomach and by bypassing part of the small intestine, the  procedure helps patients reduce the food intake, but also the calories intake.

This surgery has proved to be very effective when it comes to losing weight and treating metabolic syndrome. Due to drastic weight loss, patients also end up controlling their associated diseases.

This surgery takes place in two stages. The first stage consists of Sleeve Gastrectomy followed by Gastric Bypass after a few months.

Benefits of Duodenal Switch Procedure:


  • The amount of excess weight loss is of 75% in the first year after the procedure
  • Less restrictive on the food consumed compared to other bariatric surgeries
  • Offers the highest levels of malabsorption
  • It is recommended in the cure of high degree of Type II Diabetes

Duodenal Switch Surgery in India

  • 3D System – $ 2000 extra on the above packages
  • Band Placement in any category in any Surgery will cost $ 2000 Extra
  • Actual cost will depend upon the type of surgery and type of room category. It will be decided when you meet your doctor. 
  • Above mentioned packages is valid for having till BMI = 55. 
  • 20% will increase on above said package for >55 BMI.

The package includes:

  • Three days hospital stay
  • Surgical Team Fees
  • Assistant Surgeon
  • Surgeon Fees
  • Anaesthesia Team
  • Pre-operative Physician / Endocrionologist / Diabetologist Reference Fees
  • OT Charges
  • Disposable Items – we use all quality disposables
  • Anaesthesia Medicine Fees
  • Medical Equipments [Laproscopy] HD System
  • Indoor Medications and Disposables
  • Nursing care
  • Accommodation and Food for single attendant

Obesity Surgery Duodenal Switch India

The package excludes:

  • Other charges which are not related to procedure will cost extra on actual basis
  • Cross consultation
  • Pathology and Radiology Investigations
  • Charges for other procedure(s)
  • Pre (before admission) and post (after discharge) evaluation and treatment on actual basis
  • Consultation charges prior hospitalization
  • Medication and Medical supply used after hospital discharge (Home Medication)
  • Any complication during hospitalization would cost extra
  • Extra stay beyond three days. ICU stay will cost extra on actual basis


Patient Eligibility:

Patients with the following conditions are considered to be complex or high risk cases and will not qualify for the above mentioned package: HIV, cardiovascular disease, uncontrolled diabetes, hepatitis, cardiac risk, chronic lung diseases, severe uncontrolled diabetes, severe uncontrolled hypertension and other diseases which may require ICU care and admission


Charges are variable accordingly to BMI and involved risks, hospital and place. Out of package stay and treatment cost varies according to diagnosis and patients condition.


For further information about the Asian Bariatrics medical center or the duodenal switch surgery, contact us without any hesitation.

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