Femtosecond Laser for Myopia and Hypermetropia in Izmir Turkey

Best Femtosecond Laser for Myopia and Hypermetropia Correction in Turkey

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Ekol - Femtosecond Laser for Myopia and Hypermetropia Correction in Izmir, Turkey

Best Femtosecond Laser for Myopia and Hypermetropia Correction in Turkey

Do you think you need surgery to correct myopia or hypermetropia? Only a trained professional can determine your candidacy for laser eye surgery and recommend the best procedure for you. In Turkey you will find some of the best doctors!

LASIK and other forms of laser refractive surgery, such as PRK and LASEK, all use a highly specialized excimer laser to reshape the cornea and correct refractive errors including myopia. Femtosecond laser is an instrument that emits infrared radiation of the duration of a femtosecond, and is used in surgery instead of a mechanical microkeratome of a conventional LASIK procedure.

This laser emits several spots of this duration in the external layer of the cornea and, as a consequence, generates gas bubbles within the corneal tissue. The repetition of these spots by the number desired by the surgeon, set in the computer that manages the laser itself, will create macroscopic effects such as, for example, a corneal flap, corneal incisions or cuts useful  in order to perform a keratoplasty, lamellar or penetrating. Femtosecond laser is also used in some stages of cataract surgery. The therapeutic and surgical potential of this laser is still, for the most part, to be discovered.

Good candidates for femtosecond laser surgery are...

  • Patients who are at least 18 years of age
  • Patients whose eyes have a healthy retina, eye pressure and the cornea must have sufficient thickness.
  • Patients with no major eye diseases, no evidence of collagen vascular or autoimmune diseases, no recent history of an ocular herpes, eye infection or inflammation, excessive corneal disease/scarring or severely dry eyes.
  • Patients who are not pregnant or nursing mothers.
  • Patients who have realistic vision expectations about eye surgery outcomes and who are willing to accept the potential surgical risks, procedural complications and visual side effects.

Femtosecond laser surgery in Turkey

The new methods of myopia and hypermetropia correction with the use of laser have made it a lot easier for patients, since, within just a few minutes, someone can acquire normal vision and get rid of corrective lenses. Ekol Hospital in Izmir offers its substantial experience for corrective laser myopia and hypermetropia surgeries, using the most complete and advanced equipment, which will allow patients to achieve the best results for their vision in a safe and comfortable way.

Ekol Hospitals Group is based on the concept of providing full healthcare services, offering patient services in most major medical and surgical disciplines, such as ENT surgery, plastic & cosmetic surgery, eye surgery and dental treatment. Their new package with the excimer laser (femtosecond laser) for myopia and hypermetropia is 1,800 Euros ($2,040), with 1 day hospital stay.

Benefits of femtosecond laser

  • Lower incidence of postoperative dry eye
  • Patients with femtosecond-created flaps have been shown to have faster visual recoveries and better resulting visual acuities
  • It create thinner, more precise corneal flaps than the mechanical microkeratome
  • The precision offered by this laser method, in combination with the comfort it provides to the patient, make it the ideal solution

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