Ilizarov Limb Lengthening Surgery in Izmir Turkey

Successful Ilizarov Surgery for Bone Extension in Turkey

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Successful Ilizarov Surgery for Bone Extension in Izmir, Turkey

Successful Ilizarov Surgery for Bone Extension in Turkey

If you need limb lengthening surgery, the orthopedic surgeons can gradually lengthen the affected bone by up to 15 - 20 cm, using the body's own capacity to create new bone and soft tissues. Have you considered traveling to Turkey for the Ilizarov procedure?

The external Ilizarov apparatus is used in orthopedic surgery either to treat complex, open bone fractures, or to lengthen, reshape limb bones. Extremity lengthening and reconstruction techniques can be applied to pediatric or adult patients (3-70 years). These patients usually suffer congenital disease, bone loss or traumatic limb length inequality. The surgeries are used for filling bone defects and correcting and lengthening bones with deformity. The process of correcting and lengthening the bones works when gradually growing new bone and soft tissues through distraction osteogenesis.

The Ilizarov method can be used in various modes, including:

  • Lengthening
  • Compression
  • Distraction
  • Differential compression or distraction
  • Bone transport   

How is Ilizarov surgery performed

Before the operation, the suitable device is fixed to patients’ bone with wires and screws. The operation is done through one or two incisions of a few centimeters. Treatment and rehabilitation following surgery is usually commenced at 1st. week after the operation. No adjustment is performed after the extremity reaches the required length and alignment. When it is decided that new bone has acquired enough strength, the device is taken out with local or general anesthesia. Ilizarov surgery can be performed for big bones extension.

Candidates for bone lenghtening

  • Adults and children with arm or leg length differences
  • Patients with discrepancy between 3 cm and 40 cm
  • Patients with bone or joint deformity
  • Patients with bone defects after trauma
  • Patients with osteomyelitis- bone infection
  • Patients with dwarfism

Ilizarov surgery in Turkey

Doctors in Turkey are dedicated to providing excellent services for their patients in state-of-the-art facilities, with an eye to being cost effective. Their pre and post-op care is meticulously handled and they are keen to ensure customer satisfaction.

Ekol Hospitals in Izmir are based on the concept of providing full healthcare services, offering patient services in most major medical and surgical disciplines, such as Orthopedic Surgery, ENT surgery, plastic & cosmetic surgery, eye surgery and dental treatment. Ekol’s Ilizarov surgery package price is 17,000 USD. It includes 3 -5 days stay in hospital, operation fee and pre-op / post-op  tests. Ilizarov Surgery  will be perform  by Dr. Serhan Yağdı - he is  among the most qualified in orthopedic surgery and the first to adopt the most advanced, evidence-based, and safest techniques in the nation.

Ilizarov surgery benefits

  • Corrects deformities due to birth defects, injuries, or diseases.
  • The procedure is primarily being performed for adaptive, cosmetic, and psychosocial reasons.
  • Helps patients who are at risk for amputation owing to missing bone tissue.

Limb-lengthening surgeries are a growing trend when it comes to plastic surgery. These are complex procedures that can produce a very precise degree of correction. If you want to learn more, contact us!

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