Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgery in Izmir Turkey

Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgery in Izmir Turkey

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Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgery in Izmir, Turkey

Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgery in Izmir, Turkey

Are you struggling with meniscus tears? Do you experience knee pain or catching? Good news! The Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgery in Turkey can repair tears and get you rid of pain and discomfort!

Ekol Hospitals are based in Izmir, Turkey and provide full healthcare services in the most medical and surgical disciplines, including orthopaedic procedures.

As one of the most modern hospital in Europe, Ekol features top notch surgeons and advanced technology used for all the procedures. Dr. Serhan Yağdı is a highly qualified orthopaedic surgeons and the first to adopt the latest, evidence-based and safest techniques in the nation.

The arthroscopic meniscus surgery is used to repair meniscus tear and to trim irreparable parts of the meniscus which can cause pain or catching inside the knee.

During the procedure, the surgeon will pass an arthroscope through a small cut in the skin and into the joint. Healing potential can be enhanced by inducing healing reaction, either by inducing bleeding or fibrin clot. Special suture materials will be used depending on the character of the tear. The arthroscopic meniscus surgery generally lasts about one hour and it’s performed under general anaesthesia. After the procedure, the patients may have to limit their activity to some degree, but this will be kept to the minimal, using strong and reliable suture materials that allow early knee function.


Arthroscopic meniscus surgery is highly recommended for:

  • Patients with meniscus tears
  • Patients who struggle with pain and catching within the knee
  • Those who have irreparable meniscus parts

Conditions that might make the arthroscopic meniscus surgery an option:

  • Meniscus tears
  • Irreparable meniscus parts

What is the cost of arthroscopic meniscus surgery?

At Ekol Hospitals (Izmir, Turkey), the Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgery package price is $3000, which includes 2-3 days stay in hospital, operation fee, pre-op and post-op tests. You should stay a total of 5-7 days in Izmir, Turkey. Arthroscopic Surgery will be performed by Dr. Serhan Yağdı, who is among the most qualified in orthopaedic surgery and the first one to adopt the most advanced, evidence-based, and the safest techniques nationwide.

Benefits of the arthroscopic meniscus surgery at Ekol Hospitals:

  • Repairs meniscus tears
  • Releases pain and catching within the knee
  • Trims irreparable meniscus parts
  • Improve mobility
  • Improve the patient’s life

Kiss the pain and discomfort goodbye! Find out everything about the arthroscopic meniscus surgery package at Ekol Hospitals! Get in touch with us!

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