Affordable Butt Lift Package in Mexicali Mexico

Affordable Butt Lift Package in Mexicali Mexico

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Butt Lift Package in Mexicali, Mexico

Affordable Butt Lift Package in Mexicali, Mexico

Are you unsatisfied with your butt? Are you looking for replacing flatness with a round, sensual and contoured figure? The butt lift procedure is a safe and result providing solution waiting for you in Mexicali, Mexico!

Hispano Americano Medical Group is located in the state of Baja California, in Mexicali, Mexico. The center has been offering flawless medical care to both local and international patients since 1992. The comprehensive health care services are provided through a society of distinguished doctors and medical professionals.

Buttocks represent a very important body part and have been constantly competing with the bust.

What is the butt lift procedure?

Aging and weight loss can cause a gradual buttocks shape change. Also, a flat butt can be a result of the patient’s genetics.

The butt lift procedure gives a more round butt shape and firmer buttocks. This intervention will lead to a more contoured appearance, as the buttocks become firmer and more toned.

Therefore, the butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that raises and shapes the buttocks, providing youthful, prominent, and sensual silhouette.

Butt lift is highly recommended for:

  • Anyone who is unhappy with the way his or her butt looks and wants to enhance it.
  • Those who have lost skin elasticity in their buttocks.
  • Patients who have lost massive amounts of weight and are struggling with flatness, excess skin and a sagging butt.
  • Patients whose buttocks have changed their appearance due to aging.
  • Patients who have never been happy with the shape and size of their butt.

What is the cost of the butt lift?

At Hispano Americano Medical Group (Mexicali, Mexico), the butt lift package costs $3,900 and includes:

•All pre operative testing and exams.

•All related surgical costs: surgeons, anaesthesia, equipment, hospital stay, nursing care.

•Meals and medications are included while staying in the hospital.

•1 night stay at Hospital Hispano Americano.

•2 night stay at local Hotel (another person can also be accommodated free of charge).

•Case Manager Assistance in Mexicali and the Hospital are dedicated to the patient’s travel itinerary and medical travel program.

•Ground transportation to and from the hospital to the Yuma or San Diego Airport.

•Necessary transportation between hospital and hotel.

*The airfare and any additional hotel nights are NOT included in the package price.

Benefits of the butt lift procedure at Hispano Americano Medical Group:

•Provides a round, lifted butt.

•Contours the patient’s silhouette, making it more harmonious, proportional and sensual.

•Increases self esteem.

•Lifts self confidence.

Enhance your figure and reshape your buttocks with the butt lift package offered at Hispano Americano Medical Group! Get in touch with us now!

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