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The Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement is the largest hospital in Scandinavia and Finland specializing in joint replacement surgery. The hospital has a team of 190 highly trained experts in their field, all placing patient safety on the first place and committed to providing the best health care services. The experienced orthopedic surgeons here perform all types of joint replacement procedures with a 98% patient satisfaction.

Coxa is situated in the city of Tampere, as part of Tampere University Hospital campus, one of the largest and most modern in Finland. It is located 160 km north of Helsinki, about 90 minutes travel time away via train or about 20 minutes from Tampere airport.

Coxa Joint Replacement Hospital in Finland opened its doors in 2002 and has quickly become one of the leading centers of excellence in joint replacement surgery in Europe. So far the medical team has performed over 32 000 successful joint surgeries.

In 2005 the hospital managed to achieve the ISO 9001 certification, thanks to its professionalism and high training. Currently, Coxa Hospital has 7 operating rooms, 2 inpatient wards, 26 beds and a recovery room with 10 beds.

The medical team offers the latest joint replacement options, all aimed at improving the lives of Osteoarthritis patients or those in need of a prosthetic joint. More than 3,000 procedures are performed annually and for each patient an individual plan is drawn up.

Coxa's number one goal is to offer patients the best care and to reinstate them to active everyday life as quickly as possible. The provision of individually tailored, proven treatment of superior quality gives our patients the opportunity to rediscover the joy of movement.

Scientific Research

"The top-level research carried out in Coxa gives us access to the latest research findings and allows us to share it with the global scientific community."

One of the main focus areas at Coxa Joint Replacement Hospital in Finland is scientific research. Over the years the excellence hospital has lead research of the highest international caliber, learning not only about their own areas of expertise, but also how to apply safe, state-of-the-art methods. Being the largest hospital among the Nordic countries specializing only on joint replacement surgery, Coxa has also become aware of its importance as a producer of new scientific knowledge on a global scale.

The reputation of a Coxa’s excellence has also brought more responsibility to the hospital. To an increasing degree, the most difficult joint replacement operations in Finland are performed centrally at Coxa. The hospital is also Finland’s leader in joint replacement revision surgeries, which require special expertise and sufficient experience from surgeons.

Coxa's special competence areas include also the treatment of patients with various tumours and infections. From the international viewpoint, Coxa is one of the leading hospitals in its field in terms of patient safety, as witnessed by the number of possible complications. 99% of patients who have ever visited COXA would recommend the hospital to their friends and loved ones. 

Coxa Facilities & Services

Joint replacement procedures:

  • Hip Replacement

  • Knee Replacement

  • Shoulder Replacement

  • Elbow Replacement

  • Ankle Replacement

  • Wrist Replacement

  • Joint Replacement Revision Surgery

Hospital Facilities:

  • outpatient clinic

  • physiotherapy

  • preoperation ward

  • inpatient ward

  • recovery room

  • 7 operating rooms

  • instrument room

Doctors of COXA have lectured from their experiences in Harvard University and Harvard professors have written about Coxa’s operational excellence in their studies. Even Fortune magazine has mentioned the hospital favourably. Coxa’s doctors have published internationally 100 scientific publications during the past 10 years.

Services provided by Coxa

  •  outpatient clinic
  •  physiotherapy services
  •  doctor's appointments
  •  inpatient ward
  •  seven operating rooms

Patient hotel

In the vicinity of COXA, about 300 meters away is also a patient hotel, where the patients and their relatives can comfortably stay. 

Why Choose COXA Joint Replacement Hospital in Finland?

  • Excellence in the field of joint replacement surgery

  • Its goal is to offer the highest standards of quality care and professional medical staff

  • The hospital relies on the latest scientific knowledge available

  • Coxa Hospital has a strong research and development output

  • Each patient has his/her own operation plan developed

  • Patients will receive expert, effective help for their joint problems even after the surgery   

  • COXA is also heavily involved in the forefront of medical scientific development and is co-operating with leading academic institutions in Finland and abroad, like Tampere University and Imperial College of London      

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Coxa Hospital from beginning to present


The launch of the project and the planning of the hospital building started.


The hospital is built and also the topping ceremony is held.


The hospital is officially opened, being fitted with 5 operating rooms, 26 beds, a recovery room with 10 more beds and a medical team of 61 members.

Surgeries begin the same year in September.


Surgeons perform almost 1,500 procedures during this first full year of operation.

The medical staff creates a care process which allows patients to be discharged 2-3 days after the surgery.


Coxa Joint Replacement Hospital in Finland attracts more and more media attention and becomes known as the specialist hospital which offers cost-efficienttreatment at high quality.


The number of medical procedures performed surpasses 2,000.

Coxa receives the ISO 9001 certification.


The hospital implements an extensive strategic training program for its entire staff.

Coxa defines its new care strategy in collaboration with its partners' network.


The building is expanded by 3,000 square meters and a new information system is introduced.


Coxa and its partners launch a project for ongoing care process development, which is focused on the speedy discharge. Home recovery is extended to almost all patient groups.


Coxa adapts its operating environment according to the norms of the new Health Care Act. Therefore patients who want specialized care have the possibility to choose their place of treatment more freely.


The ISO certification is renewed for the second time.


Coxa is present at the AAOS Annual Meeting in San Francisco presenting its reasearch projects.

Coxa’s joint research project with London Imperial College was also featured in the Specialty Day.

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Coxa facilities and services

  • Outpatient clinic

  • Physiotherapy

  • Preoperation ward

  • Inpatient ward

  • Recovery room

  • 7 operating rooms

  • Instrument room

Joint replacement procedures

  • Hip Replacement

  • Knee Replacement

  • Shoulder Replacement

  • Elbow Replacement

  • Ankle Replacement

  • Wrist Replacement

  • Replacement revision surgery

Hip Replacement

Patients looking for hip replacement are suffering from either osteoarthritis or a rheumatic disease. Although hip replacement is a lasting procedure, in rare cases, the joint components might need re-operation if they wear in time or loosen.

The purpose of the hip replacement is make movement easier, restore the patient's functional capacity, to relieve pain, and, of course, to improve the overall quality of life.

The surgeon will decide which artificial joint replacement is the best for each patient, depending on the general health condition, the quality of the bone, the age of the patient and the weight that the joint will have to bear. Coxa Hospital uses only prosthetic joints of the highest quality.

Knee Replacement

 The main cause for knee replacement is osteoarthritis and surgery is indicated when swelling, pain, limitation of motion or an abnormal position interfere  with the patient's normal life. The orthopedic surgeon will choose the best artificial joint model after carefully analyzing the general condition of the patient, the quality of the bone and the weight the joint will have to support. The purpose of a knee replacement is to improve the patient’s mobility and to alleviate pain.

Shoulder Replacement

Usually, the main cause for shoulder replacement is rheumatoid arthritis, but osteoarthritis or a severe post-fracture condition are also important factors leading to surgery. The procedure is highly indicated when swelling and pain affect the patient's normal life.

Elbow Replacement

This type of procedure is indicated in the case of rheumatic disease or a fracture. The purpose of the procedure is to relieve pain and restore the functionality of the arm. The procedure takes between 2 and 3 hours and is performed under local anesthesia or light general anesthesia.

Ankle Replacement

Osteoarthritis or a fracture are the main causes for ankle replacement. The purpose of the operation is relieve pain and restore motion and to help the patient engage again in the free-time activities and sports practiced before the procedure.

Wrist Replacement

The wrist replacement procedure aims at restoring the functionality of the hand and to relieve pain caused by a rheumatic disease or fracture. The procedure will be performed under local anesthesia and will take maximum 2 hours. The artificial joint is made of plastic and titanium, while the glide surfaces are made of steel.

Replacement Re-operation

Although the joint replacements Coxa Hospital uses are of highest quality and the procedure success rate is constantly improving, there are rare cases when the prosthetic joints need to be replaced within 10 years after the initial procedure. The main reasons are the loosening or wear of joint components or an infection. The replacement re-operation is more difficult to perform, that is why it will take twiceor even three times more time than the first surgery.



Treatment days


Primary knee replacement


From $14,300

Primary knee replacement for both knees


From $25,300

Complicated primary knee replacement


From $23,100

Primary hip replacement


From $15,500

Both-sided primary hip replacement


From $27,700

Complicated hip replacement


From $24,400

Hip replacement using minimally invasive techniques


From $15,500

Shoulder replacement


From $13,300

Post-operative rehabilitation package at the patient hotel Norlandia Care****



Post-operative rehabilitation package at the patient hotel Norlandia Care****


From $1,400

Take the first step to recover your mobility!

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Take the first step to recover your mobility!

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Take the first step to recover your mobility!

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Local attractions

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