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Dr. Omar Gonzalez | Integra Medical Center Located at
Juarez 239, Nuevo Progreso, Tam. México, 88810 , Nuevo Progreso, Mexico.
Phone: +1-303-578-0719
Center Profile: Dr. Omar Gonzalez | Integra Medical Center
Dr. Omar Gonzalez | Integra Medical Center : Opening a path for a healthier future...
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Cell Therapy Integra Medical Center
+1 303 578 0719, Toll Free Number: +1866 309 7543
Juarez 239, Nuevo Progreso, Tam. México, 88810
Nuevo Progreso, Mexico 

Dr. Omar Gonzalez | Integra Medical Center | Integrative Medicine | Placenta Cell Therapy | Adult Cell Therapy | Parkinson's | Multiple Sclerosis | Diabetes | Chronic Fatigue | Stress & Anxiety | Insomnia | Arthritis | Generalized or Discoid Lupus | Hepatitis | Dermatomyositis | Psoriasis | Muscular Dystrophy | Autism | Nuevo Progreso, Mexico


Integra Medical Center - Integrative Medicine in Mexico

Welcome to Integra Medical Center(IMC)

At Integra Medical Center (IMC) our purpose is to contribute powerfully to the well- being of patients from all over the world!

Integra Medical Center in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico - line 1

Dr. Omar Gonzalez - Integra Medical Center, Nuevo Progreso, MexicoDr. Omar Gonzalez specializes in Placenta Cell Therapy  that utilize a multidisciplinary approach to medicine. His office, Integra Medical Center, based in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, offers a path to healthier futures for thousands of individuals around the world seeking effective cell therapy treatments and therapies not yet available in the United States. Patients who have been rejected or banded by "mainstream medicine" may count on Dr. Gonzalez's commitment  to maintain and optimize their health.

What is Placenta Cell Therapy? - line 1

What is Placenta Cell Therapy?

What is Placenta Cell Therapy - Integra Medical Center in Mexico

Placenta Cell Therapy is a type of adult cell therapy that utilizes the placenta, or afterbirth of a woman who has undergone the child birthing process. Placenta Cell Therapy (PST) has been researched for over two decades, but only recently have researchers and scientists understood the impact that placenta cell therapy and treatment has on a multitude of auto-immune and chronic illness conditions and symptoms.

Placenta Cell Therapy does not harm a fetus, infant or mother. Placenta cells are gathered from the placenta following a rigorous methodology and protocol according to international normative.

Why Placenta Cell Therapy at Integra Medical Center? - line 1

Why Placenta Cell Therapy at Integra Medical Center?

The Great Advantages in our clinic are:

  • We work with an unique methodology, each patient is treated individually.
  • Local anesthesia is used most of the time.
  • Very tiny and precise incisions are made in certain areas.
  • The powerful tissue is placed under the skin and closed with one stitch.
  • The whole procedure takes less than 40 minutes.
  • This procedure should not limit your daily activities.
  • The placenta is obtained from a healthy young mother that has to meet very particular and rigorous screening test.

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Global Experience

Years of Experience and Research at Integra Medical Center, Mexico

Since the early 1990s, Dr. Gonzalez has studied cell therapy gene therapy and placenta cell therapy technologies from around the world, and has treated thousands of patients utilizing placenta cell therapy after having developed a unique method of treating patients on an individualized basis according to their specific condition and symptoms.

Our placenta cell therapy technique involves very small incisions made at predetermined areas of the body. Cell therapy cells are then introduced with a particular method under the skin, where they assimilate and are absorbed into the body, where they are most needed.

What makes Integra Medical Center so different? - line 1


Difference Matter

What makes Integra Medical Center different?

The Latest Medical Cellular Research and Technology - Integra Medical Center

Dr. Omar Gonzalez utilizes the latest medical cellular research and technology and combines his multidisciplinary approach to medicine to achieve individual and customized treatments for all his patients.

Cell Therapy cost does not have to wipe out an individual's savings account. Dr. Omar Gonzalez and Integra Medical Center offer a variety of options and solutions to international patients seeking human cell therapy for different medical conditions and disease processes.

Dr. Gonzalez has performed over 3,000 cell therapy transplants in his career after receiving his doctor's degree in early 1980s. Since then, Dr. Gonzalez has been furthering his education and expertise through alternative medicine courses and seminars throughout Mexico and Europe.  He has attended advanced courses and training in nutrition, geriatrics, obesity and anti-aging.

Dr. Omar Gonzalez is dedicated to providing the latest cell therapy therapies with powerful biological technology to slow down and stop or reverse damaging medical conditions that interrupt mobility, function, and quality of life.

Why Mexico? - line 1

Come and let the friendliest folks on the border show you a good time & feel better!

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Dr. Omar Gonzalez | Integra Medical Center

This review is a long time in coming: we brought our daughter, Laura, down to Dr. Gonzalez in September of 2008 when she was 5 years old. Laura has severe cerebral palsy and is not able to do anything for herself. Part of cerebral palsy involves spasticity, which is when the muscles tighten up and cannot relax. Laura had gotten so stiff that I remember having to turn sideways to go through a doorway when I was carrying her; her legs would not bend very much. Dr. Gonzalez is very personable and helped us feel comfortable by explaining what he was doing each step of the way. He placed placental stem cells in four spots on Laura; one on each leg below her knee on the outside part of her leg but above the calf of her leg. The other two spots were above her eyebrows just inside her hairline. It was a very fast procedure and Laura did very well. That night, back in our motel in Texas, we noticed the first change: Laura’s eyes were moving together all of the time instead of drifting all over in their sockets. The second change we noticed was huge for us: when we got off the airplane back home in Salt Lake City, Utah, (which was the next day, Sept. 11), I (Karie), was carrying Laura over my shoulder and I felt something I’d never felt before—Laura’s arm was swinging and brushing against my arm. I took note of it, but we didn’t stop to analyze what it meant because we were tired and ready to be home. When we got back home, I was changing her diaper and that’s when I realized that her spasticity was COMPLETELY gone! I could move her arms and legs any way a normal infant would be able to move. I could hardly believe it! She stayed that way for a long time. Now, she is tight, but not as tight as she was before treatment and I believe it is mostly because she gets cold easily and is used to holding herself tightly to try to get warmer. She has never had medicinal treatments for spasticity and when she is warm, she is able to relax and can still raise her arms over her head in a stretch and straighten her legs most of the way. One other change we noticed: we measured her head circumference after we got home and it was at 38 centimeters. That is the measurement that she had always measured at when I took her in for well-child check-ups. On December 6, 2008, I measured again and her head was at 40 cm. On September 4, 2009, her head was measured at the doctor’s office and was at 40.5 cm. Head growth usually indicates brain growth, so we were encouraged. If we could afford to visit Dr. Gonzalez every year, I know we would see many more changes in Laura. The only reason I gave only 4 stars on the cost was because for us, it is a lot of money. We were blessed to have many people help us for the one treatment. In relationship to other stem cell treatment centers that I researched at the time, Dr. Gonzalez’s prices are extremely good. I will be forever grateful that we took our daughter to Dr. Gonzalez and he will always hold a special place in my heart for the good that he did for us and continues to do for others.

Karie Connell

28th January,2015

Dr. Omar Gonzalez | Integra Medical Center

I had a multitude of problems. Doctors missed a serious vascular problem saving it was an eating disorder. We don't know what caused my major abdomal arteries to shut down. I lost 80 lbs when someone finally took me seriously. Three stints later they said I was cured, go back to work. The damage caused from lack of bloodflow took its toll. Bad galbladder, h-pylori to the point of possible cancer that lead to a month stay at the hospital. Last was the broken neck caused from violently vommitting. Chronic fatique syndrome was found than I got Lymes disease from baby sitting a friends dogs from Pa. After 10 years of fighting the medical system to help me instead of believing me. Migraines and horrible head pain made me want to give up. I saw Dr. Gonzalez on the internet and was drawn to go on pure faith. It paid off. Five weeks in and the horrible head pain is gone. The chronic fatique is going away. My blood pressure is normal proving the artery condition is under control. I went from pale to a deep rose color. The rashes have disappeared. I forgot to tell Dr. Gonzalez about my painful stomach so he wants me to come back and has been taking good care of me. I now have hope and happiness again. I live in Florida, but going back is wonderful. He is kind and really cares.


8th May,2012
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