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Ahalia Ayurvedic Hospital Located at
Kanal Piruvu , Palakkad, Kerala, India.
Phone: +1-303-578-0719
Center Profile: Ahalia Ayurvedic Hospital
Ahalia Ayurvedic Hospital : We care for you!!
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Ahalia Ayurvedic Hospital
Kanal Piruvu
Palakkad, Kerala, India 

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"Offers total health, not just treatment"

Situated amid magnificent natural landscape near Palakkad, Kerala, Ahalia Ayurveda Hospital is a centre where Ayurveda is practiced in its true form. Ahalia is committed to serve the society through the time tested principles of Ayurveda.

Ahalia aims at disseminating the knowledge of Ayurveda by health education and practice. The two purposes for which Ayurveda was evolved, viz. maintenance of health and curing the disease are being rightly conceived and made practical at Ahalia.

The hospital offers health care facilities at two levels.

Swasthya Samvardhana Chikitsa (Scheme for health promotion-rejuvenation)
You may not be as healthy as you thought to be. Disturbed? Need not. Just try to answer a simple question— Have you ever tried to understand your body and mind? If not, it is high time that you start concentrating on yourself. And Ahalia helps you to realize your status of health, both physical and mental. Ahalia also takes you through an interesting course of Ayurvedic way of living which enables you to reach a higher status of health.

The scheme includes

  • Knowledge sharing for modifying the life style - for overcoming the stressful demands of modern life and to prevent the life style disorders.
  • Dinacharya (daily regimen) - Have a healthy mind in a healthy body
  • Various procedures like nasyam(nasal instillation of medicine), karna pooranam (applying oil into the ears) etc. are performed to cleanse the body and the mind.
  • Diet regimen - Human body is the product of the food; the disease is also the product of the food , if it is wrong food.

Ahalia provides a planned diet to suit your constitution, digestive capacity mode of exercise etc.

Roga prashamana chikitsa 
No service is better than helping an ailing person to get rid of his discomfort. Ahalia gives equal importance to this aspect of Ayurveda and aims at providing treatment facilities for wide range of diseases mentioned under Ashtanga Ayurveda. Out patient and Inpatient facilities are available for following conditions.

  • Joint and Neurological disorders
  • Skin diseases
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Liver disorders
  • And alot more...

Ahalia Ayurveda Hospital aims at exploring the beneficial aspects of various medicines in diseases like heart diseases, cancer etc, by conducting extensive research works. Research wing with advanced research facilities will be started in the coming days.

Ahalia gives a holistic approach to every condition so as to take the benefits of Ayurveda to one and all. Treatments include internal and external administration of medicines as the condition requires, diet suitable to the condition, satvavajaya chikitsa( controlling the mind from unwanted things) and yoga whenever necessary.

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