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Dental Cyst Operation | World-class Dentistry Procedure

Dental Cyst Operation Basics

Dental or oral cysts are a fairly common occurrence in the mouth. In addition to cysts that grow along the gum line, this may also grow on the inside of the cheek, the tongue, as well as the floor of the mouth. A cyst is medically defined as a fluid filled sac or pouch, but can also appear as a growth of any kind, including an irregularly shaped patch of skin. Regardless, this should be removed and tested by your dentist or oral surgeon to ensure that growth is benign (harmless) as opposed to malignant (cancerous).

What are Oral Cysts?
Dental Cyst RemovalSeveral forms or types of cysts may develop in the mouth cavity. Oral cysts are also called dental cysts, as well as periapical, odontogenic or radicular cysts. Dental cysts are a very common form of an odontogenic cysts. In most cases, such cysts are caused by infections that result in the pulp or inner portion of the tooth becoming infected and causing resultant decay, as well as the development of fluid filled sacs or inflamed tissue. Fluids contained within such as sacs or cysts may be sterile or infected. If not treated, infectious fluids may be reabsorbed and spread infection to other locations in the body.

Types of Oral Cysts

The most common types of oral cysts include:

  • Periapical cyst - also known as a radicular cyst, these are the most common of odontogenic cyst types. The tooth becomes infected, leading to death of pulp tissues. Infected matter and toxins may escape through the apex (bottommost portion) of the tooth, leading to infection of surrounding tissues as well as the development of cysts caused by skin or gum tissue caused by lack of adequate blood supply.
  • Keratocyst - This cyst is often difficult to diagnose, and results pertaining to content must rely on laboratory tests. They are rather aggressive and can be tricky to remove, as the cyst can grow into bone formations of the jaw.
  • Dentigerous cyst - this type of cyst is the second most common, and develops within a dental follicle in close proximity to or surrounding an unerupted tooth. These type of cysts are commonly found around the third molars. These cysts can grow and alter positioning of teeth, but most do not cause symptoms or pain and often go unnoticed.
  • Primordial cyst - this type of cyst develops instead of a tooth and is one of the rare forms of oral cysts.

Common Treatment for Cyst Removal (Cyst Operations)

The most common and beneficial treatment for cysts is excision or removal of the cyst. Before removing the cyst, the dentist or oral surgeon generally performs a biopsy, which involves the removal of a small portion or piece of tissue from the questionable cyst. The tissue sample is then sent to a laboratory where examination and analysis will be performed.

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Cysts in mouth commonly form around the wisdom teeth, around impacted wisdom teeth, and in the pulp of teeth, and while the cyst itself might be benign, or harmless, dentists and oral surgeons most frequently suggest their removal before surrounding tissues or bone structures are damaged.

Cyst operations are generally performed under local anesthesia, meaning the patient is awake during the procedure. In most cases, cysts are removed quickly and efficiently in under an hour. Large cysts a require more detailed or extensive surgery, which may or may not require bone reconstruction.

Who Benefits from Cyst Operations?
Anyone who has noticed or been diagnosed with a cyst in any portion of the oral cavity will benefit from its removal. If left untreated, cysts may cause ensuing infection or spread of infection to surrounding teeth, gum, or other mouth tissues. For other types of dental treatments, check out Placidway search.

How Much Does a Cyst Operation Cost?
In the United States, removal of a cyst may cost an average of roughly $1,400. Prices will be determined by geographic location, location and size of the cyst in question. In some cases, dental insurance will help pay for a portion or all of the cost of such a surgical procedure, but in other cases they may not. Medical travelers to such destinations as Poland, Hungary, Mexico and Asia may save hundreds of dollars on similar surgical procedures, performed in state-of-the-art facilities by highly trained, experienced and certified dentists and oral surgeons, who will know how to treat your dental cyst.

If you would like to receive some additional info or would like to know any specific details about cysts in mouth or dental treatments in your area or abroad, request a free quote by clicking on the button below.

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