50 Blood Transfusions And Intensive Care at Childbirth Save Life Of Young Mother at FHM
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New Delhi, India 
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50 Blood Transfusions And Intensive Care at Childbirth Save Life Of Young Mother at FHM

Medical experts at Fortis successfully saved the life of 30 year old Rupinder Kaur, after a very complicated and extremely difficult surgery. The team of specialists consisted of Dr. Swapna Misra, Dr Jai Dev Wig, Dr A.S. Bawa and Dr. Adarsh Chandra Swami. The complicated surgery lasted four and a half hours and was described as one of the most ‘challenging surgeries of their career’.

The patient was referred to Fortis Hospital Mohali after massive blood loss and 11 blood transfusions had to be administered but the bleeding was unabated. The patient was brought in a state of dangerously low pulse rate and blood pressure. The patient survived a near death experience at childbirth and wouldn’t have survived if timely medical help from medical experts hadn’t been provided. The patient had to be kept under ionotropic support to help keep her heart beating. With very bleak chances of survival, compounded with surgical and urological complications, the team of medical experts had to take ‘death on table consent’ before operating on her as her kidneys had ceased to function and her intestines were badly damaged due to the bleeding.

The patient was administered over 50 blood transfusions during the course of this corrective surgery, which is considered ‘massive’ by any medical standards. The Intensive Care team then took over and by  nursing the patient back to health they achieved nothing short of a miracle. The patient survived as a result of the remarkable team effort and the ‘never say die’ spirit at Fortis Hospital Mohali. The patient and her family were ever so grateful for the medical care and compassion provided by the medical team and support staff. Media clips for this inspirational story will be available in the next issue of FHM This Week.

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