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I am by all means not saying this is curing my Hepatitis C because it is not. My viral count a year ago was 21 million, I don't get that checked any more, a little to depressing. Even with the immune system of a Hep C patient, I rarely ever get sick. I have no doubt these implants have extended my life with Hep C. Thank you Dr. Gonzalez

He is able to manage the tilt function of his wheelchair with his head, he is getting his voice back, he is able to make noises to get attention, and also able to clear his throat. He is able to cough. Most importantly is his energy; we're able to go on a public bus and be away from home for a 5 to 6 hours expand.

On my last visit in September 2007 I received the usual treatments from Dr Gonzalez but additionally had some placenta implants in my legs. I believe this has helped me.  My drop foot on my left side has improved and I can walk on my tiptoes, which I have not been able to do for years. This is only after 2 weeks so I believe I will improve even more.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez, an hispanic actor nickname "El Judicial", had Anti Aging treatment at ArtFace Rejuvenation Mexico. He is very happy with the amazing results and has highly recommended ArtFace Rejuvenation for Cosmetic Sugery and Anti-Aging Treatment.

I know you have had many patients since I have been there. My name is Merry Kroeger. My husband and I were Dr. Alejandro Aguirre Wallace's Clinic on July 26th of 2009 for my surgery. Everything has been perfect.

In February 2009, while I was on holiday visiting some friends in Bariloche, Argentina, I decided to get a full facial lift with Dr Alejandro Correa at Cedyt.

I met Eric, the owner of Ageless Wonders and my doctor Dr. Ilka De Obaldía. The staff and doctors all have such a good relationship that I really felt at home with them. Even the front desk receptionist spoke very good English; better than my Spanish. They were all just wonderful."

Vicky came to Panama with her husband for a Weight Loss procedure, particularly a Sleeve band surgery, from September 12th to 22nd.

I can't say enough about how nice my experience was in Panama and how blessed I feel to have met you and Eric.  Our friendship is special to me, and I hope some day I can play hostess to you if you travel to the lovely bluegrass state of Kentucky!

Jan tells about her amazing life-changing experience when she went to Seoul 365mc Liposuction Hospital for Liposuction.

Results 201 - 210 of 424