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My energy level is much higher. I was very active physically during my holiday in Indonesia and I never seemed to feel tired. I am now able to play 2 to 3 hours of tennis without undue strain and my body seems to recuperate more quickly.

I am very happy with the results because the treatment changed my life dramatically. I am very grateful to the doctors who took care of me and to all the staff of EmCell clinic. I would like to add that the atmosphere in the clinic is very friendly and soothing. Doctors, nurses and other staff are always there for you.

I was apprehensive about the experience and had agreed to turn around and get back into the taxi if it was not what I had expected.

Dr. Eduardo is a magician, and such a pleasant person. His clients are so pampered, you feel like royalty. I guess you know, I highly recommend Dr. Eduardo Leiva., a wonderful, concerned, and caring dentist, who always puts your interests first.

Our stay has been very enjoyable. Thanks to the cheery and nice Miss Ilknur. We look forward to know more and explore this beautiful country.

It gives me pleasure to express my deep appreciation for your kind help in my treatment earlier this month. Your professional expertise in conducting my complicated spinal surgery in a successful manner is highly praiseworthy.

I am excited to see the final results of my surgery and hopefully be able to hit the beach this summer with a sexy six-pack! I would definately recommend this clinic to anyone that is interested in transforming their body. They are very nice and professional group of individuals!

I found that I was losing weightlength around my waist every time that I came in for my injections. Even when I was really busy with work,was not able to exercise that much, I still was losing weight. If you are like me, then I would suggest doing this treatment... IT IS WORTH THE MONEY!!

As far as the results, it's a bit early to start feeling them, but my renal flow appears to be improving. I can now only give time to time and continue with my treatment with lots of hope.

Dr Maytorena and his staff were very accommodating to my mother and I. The women's hospital was very clean and comfortable. My experience with Dr. Maytorena was wonderful and I am very grateful to him for helping me change my life.

Results 211 - 220 of 424