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We've progressed 90%, just 10% more and then we can try the IVF...

We were informed of your services by Ms Lalena Mitchley of the Cape Hip and Knee Clinic and haven't regretted our decision to sign up with Surgical Bliss for a second.

The high standard of preoperative and follow up care that my mother received was superb, allowing me to leave the country reassured that she would be well cared for, and attended to, in my absence.

You guys made our stay in SA very nice and your service was excellent.

My children will hopefully be blessed with a lifetime of good health as they are learning important health habits from a very young age.

It is even worse if they collapse and die on arrival when the clot dislodges and ends up in their lungs. I guess I can call myself lucky

I have been an endurance athlete most of my life, and at age 60, it became even more important to me to live a healthy lifestyle.

I was really thankful to learn that I could probably avoid becoming a diabetic by eating healthy, and exercising enough to keep my weight in check.

The dietitian inspired us to eat "to keep our genes happy" – something she said will not only help us lose weight, but also ensure that my blood sugar levels will remain normal, avoiding all the problems associated with diabetes.

The most valuable part of this experience was the sense of control it gave me over my genetic destiny.

Results 1 - 10 of 16