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Top 4 Fertility Treatment Clinics In India ( Youtube )
Category : Fertility / IVF

India offers a variety of affordable fertility treatments and procedures (compared to jaw dropping prices of the US, UK or Canada).
Some of the procedures offered in India, such as surrogacy, are available only in few countries around the world.

Find the Best Options for Fertility Treatment in India with Us!.

Top 4 Fertility Clinics in India Video - line 1

For more information about the Fertility Procedures and the top IVF Clinics in the World.

Top 4 Fertility Clinics in India - PlacidWay Medical Tourism


Top 11 Dental Crowns Clinics in Latin America ( Youtube )
Category : Dental Tourism Abroad

Dental crowns are commonly performed everywhere nowadays.

Made from either porcelain or other materials, depending on budget, they require a skilled dental technician and a great dentist to fit the dental crowns into place for long lasting comfort and functionality.

Choose Latin America for excellent results and a dental vacation and you will still get to save some cash when comparing the costs for the same procedure performed din the USA or Canada.


Find the Best Options for Dental Crown in Latin America with Us!.

Top Dental Crown Clinics in Latin America Video - line 1

For more information about Dental Treatments around the world do not hesitate to contact us.

Top Dental Crown Clinics in Latin America - PlacidWay Medical Tourism


Health Resort Ustron, Medical Tourism in Poland ( YouTube )
Category : Medical Tourism Partner Video

At the very start, Health Resort Ustron has long been a market pioneer providing experienced medical services for either local and international patients in Poland, with the maximum regard to patient's safety and well-being.

Health Resort Ustron is offering customized services, modern treatments and the best technologies available today, and all this in a clean, safe and caring environment.

Health Resort Ustron offers a wide array of specialized medical services, including Cardiological Rehabilitation Program, Locomotor System Rehabilitation Program, Oncological Rehabilitation Program, Neurological Rehabilitation Program and even Medical & Spa Program!


Damon Braces Procedure Patient testimonial in Bangalore India ( YouTube )
Category : Dental Tourism Abroad

Smiles 'n More Orthodontic Center is an advanced dental clinic in HSR Layout, Bangalore, with all modern treatment facilities and the latest in technology. Here we offer the rare-to-find combination of QUALITY-SPECIALITY-PERSONAL-DENTAL CARE with ethical treatment standards while keeping it affordable. All the advanced orthodontic treatments are done here by internationally certified & trained specialists; whether Invisible braces, Clear aligners or Damon braces.

The Damon System is not just about revolutionary braces and wires, it's a whole new way of treating patients. Traditional treatment often requires removal of healthy teeth and/or the use of palatal expanders to make space. This approach is often uncomfortable, takes longer, and can leave a narrower arch and a flat profile. Damon smiles are full, natural 10-tooth smiles achieved with light biologically-sensible forces, and are specifically designed to improve the overall facial result of each patient.

Dental Clinic Bangalore India line 2

We look forward to serve you and your family.
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Dental Clinic Bangalore India
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Dental Makeover Patient Testimonial in Bangalore India ( YouTube )
Category : Dental Tourism Abroad

Get a great smile as you always want, a Dental makeover is  an  improvement of the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as dental veneers Dental implants and dental whitening.

Get your dental Makeover in India with the best Doctors, affordable prices at top class Dental Centers.

Dental Clinic Bangalore India line 2

We look forward to serve you and your family.
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Dental Clinic Bangalore India
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6 Places for Affordable Dental Implants in India ( YouTube )
Category : Dental Tourism Abroad

Dental implants are often used to restore your beautiful smile and regain your (long-forgotten) confidence; no matter if you need to replace missing teeth with synthetic ones or support various dental prostheses, this includes crowns, implant-supported bridges or dentures, Dental Implants can be the alternatives you're looking for!

If you are looking for the strongest, most attractive alternative that seem, feel and function like natural teeth, Dental Implants are the solutions for your problems.

 PlacidWay Medical Tourism - Dentistry in India

To know more about Dental Implants or Dentistry in India, click the button below.

At PlacidWay we're Happy to Help You!

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Request more information For Dental Implants in India

10 Top Fertility Tourism Countries ( YouTube )
Category : Fertility / IVF

Fertility tourism has experienced a boost over the past years, as a result patients have now hundreds of accredited clinics and hospitals to choose from. Many of the physicians in these international locations are trained in the US, Western Europe or Canada, because of this they are in touch with the most up to date advancements regarding the assisted reproductive technologies, methods and products.

Fertility Top 10 Destinations Line 4

We are here to help you make the best medical choice for you! Do not hesitate to contact us!

Fertility IVF Top 10 Destinations Line 5

Fertility Abroad Contact Us

Placid Romania Ofera Tratamente in strainatate pentru romani ( YouTube )
Category : Other

PlacidRomânia te ajută să găsești cele mai bune opțiuni în turism medical. Suntem aici să-ți facem mai ușor accesul la cei mai buni doctori din lume, clinici și spitale acreditate, proceduri moderne și echipament medical de ultimă generație.

PlacidRomânia este un program dedicat pentru tratamente în străinătate pentru români.

PlacidRomânia este aici să te ajute sa ai o experiență medicală plăcută și un tratament de top și eficient in țări din întreaga lume.

Cu un click pe butonul de contact de mai jos
aveți acces la cele mai diverse tratamente, oriunde în lume!

Contact Placid Romania Turism Medical pentru romani - Tratamente in strainatate

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