Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) MODA3000

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) MODA3000

Product name: Coverall
Model: MODA3000
Color: White
Gram Weight: 64g/ m2
Shelf life: 2 Years
Silicon: Silicon Free

The Coverall is a livsen PP spunbond-polyethylene-laminate that provides a high level of moisture management and breathability, without reducing Protection. It designed for situations where the wearer may come into contact with limited hazardous splash, dust
and liquid. It is made from a new revolutionary fabric which is soft and also resistant to noxious dust, dust and liquid in accordance with Type 4 protective standards. It is non-linting and ideal to use for environments not to be contaminated or general maintenance.

Packing and Storage
80 pcs/carton: carton dimension (cms): 65*50*59; carton weight approx. 25.0kg. These products should be stored in a cool (Min 5°c) dry area, away from heat and direct sunlight.

How to use the device?
The coverall should be used with related device including boots, gloves and googles. The wearer that the hood shall be taped to the wearers faces piece, gloves and boots to maximize protection.

How to remove the device?
When the user wants to remove the suit, he or she shall first move to the safety environment and then remove the clothing. When he or she removes the clothing, he or she shall first remove other accessories and then remove the clothing.

Attached Files

Data Sheet for MODA3000.pdf
Instruction for user(MODA3000).pdf