International Patient Phone Subscription

Talk to Patients, Build Trusted Relationship
PlacidWay Solutions

International Patient Phone Subscription

Remote consultation with patients is becoming the most efficient way of communication amid COVID-19 crisis. A traditional live phone call with patients helps build empthy and trust. 

PlacidWay's International Patient Phone Subscription

  • Free international calls - access to worldwide patient base via phone
  • Mobile and web browser enabled - use any media to connect with your customers
  • Validated phone numbers - pre-validated numbers to reach qualified patients
  • Recorded calls - bring transparency and reduce mis-communications with patients
  • Dedicated number - a dedicated phone connection between patient and you
  • Fully integrated - all patient communications in one place for better patient journey management

International Patient Phone Subscription: Benefits

Personalized customer service experience - Make them feel comfortable with their medical travel plans
Free calls - Call international customers without worrying about the cost of each call
Understanding customers needs – Know and understand your customer better
Improve your customer service - Listen to recorded call to analyze customer experience 
Differentiate yourself - Gain competitive advantage by taking extra step to connect with your customers
Improve patient conversion - Build trust with warmth needed in healthcare

Pricing Plan

Popular Choice

Exclusive Montly Offer

$60 per monthly subscription

(pay as you go)

Popular Choice

Exclusive Annual Offer

$600 for annual subscription

(save $120)

Terms and Conditions

The monthly subscription fee shall be charged via automatic Credit Card/PayPal payment. 

Annual subscription payment has to be settled within 7 days upon receipt of the invoice.

Cancellation of subscription will remove access to the phone functionality from the CRM system.