Medical Tourism Videos Marketing

Boost trust and credibility of your healthcare service and increase patient engagement with videos marketing
PlacidWay Solutions

Medical Tourism Videos Marketing

The Impact of 1 Minute Video is Equal to 1.8M Words to your Audience.

At the time when 90% information is transmitted to the brain is through visual media, the most reliable source a patient acquisition depends on is a video directly from the medical center.

Grab customer attention with videos

  • Patient health issue, diseases
  • Patient testimonials
  • FAQs about your specialty or procedure
  • Explainers: Doctor presenting important procedure details
  • Virtual facilities tours
  • Useful tips related to your center, procedure, city
  • All-inclusive packages

PlacidWay Videos - Key Features

  • 1-2 minute videos
  • Illustrated storyboard with well-researched script
  • Animations, graphics, captions
  • Images and stills
  • Professional background music tracks

Medical Tourism Videos Marketing: Benefits

Easily consumable content - Engage customers and encourage social shares

Increased attention to your health brand - Increase online visibility and brand awareness

Boosts patient engagement - Establish connection with your audience

Increase the number of leads - Generate leads and customers

Builds trust and credibility - Increase conversions

Pricing Plan

Popular Choice

Video Creation I

$125 per video


Popular Choice

Video Creation II

$495 for 5 videos

(save $130)

Popular Choice

Video Posting I

$25 per video


Popular Choice

Video Posting II

$100 for 5 videos

(save $25)

Popular Choice

Custom Medical Video Marketing

Ask for details


Terms and Conditions

  • The video creation or posting fee shall be charged via Credit Card/PayPal payment. 
  • For video posting the center must provide ready to post videos 
  • Medical center must provide the content to be used for video creation
  • Payment has to be settled prior to videos creation or posting.