Video Chat for Patient Conversions - Accelerate Patient Appointments

PlacidWay Launches Innovative Medical Travel Video Chat for Faster Patient Conversion
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Video Chat for Patient Conversions - Accelerate Patient Appointments

Are you looking to increase patient conversion? Revolutionize doctor-patient experience with PlacidWay Video Chat and differentiate yourself in the medical tourism industry.

Standout by exploring our easy to use, fast to scale Video Chat in your Patient Acquisition Process.

If you want to offer improved patient care and reach out to patients via face-to-face discussions to close an appointment, implement PlacidWay Video chat. Designed to take your healthcare business to the next level, our Video Chat service will let you connect with patients from anywhere with no app or software to download. Just experience faster, better and transparent gateway to book appointments.

PlacidWay Video Chat Features

  • Manage video appointments on portal calendar
  • Send video chat invitation to the patient directly
  • Schedule appointment use multi-channels to ensure message deliverability: SMS, WhatsApp, email 
  • Secure communications
  • Dynamically manage appointments to avoid duplicate appointments
  • Get reminder with url for video call a day before and 30 minutes before it starts
  • Connect via video chat and close a deal!

Video Chat for Patient Conversions - Accelerate Patient Appointments: Benefits

  • Patient Funnel- Building better medical tourism patient interest through video chat
  • Breakdown Geographical Barrier- Revolutionizing medical tourism patient interaction
  • Sustained Competitive Advantage-Differentiate yourself in a competitive and crowded market
  • Increased Patient Retention- Improves patient satisfaction, which leads to retention
  • Personalized Patient Engagement - Set appointment with patients with direct real time communication
  • Secure Live Chat - HIPAA Compliant

  • Solve Problems Faster - Connect better with your customers
  • Save Cost - Cut down customer service costs
  • Boost Brand - Deliver higher brand quality
  • Build Trust - Win trust of customers with no third-party involvement
  • Good Customer Experience - Open scope of future sales
  • Patient Acquisition- Increase patient conversion, build trusted relationship

Pricing Plan

Popular Choice

Video Chat Subscription (Monthly)
$75 per month

Popular Choice

Video Chat Subscription (Annually)
$600 per year (Save $300)

Terms and Conditions

  • Fee for video chat service shall be charged via Credit Card/PayPal payment. Additional per consultation fees applies.
  • Payment has to be settled prior to availing the service.
  • PlacidWay will execute payments to Clinics within 30 days of online video chat.