Professor Kaan UNLU | Eye Surgeon | Izmir, Turkey

Professor Kaan UNLU, Eye Surgeon, Izmir, Turkey

About Professor Kaan UNLU

Professor Kaan UNLU started his medical education in the Faculty of Medicine at Ege University in 1984. He became an Associate Professor in 2000 and a Professor in 2006. He worked as a Chief of Branch and in the Central Board of Directors in the Turkish Ophthalmology Society.

Besides his Advisory Board membership in many domestic journals, he works as a reviewer in the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery and as an editor in the Scientific World Journal. More than 110 studies by him were published in domestic and foreign scientific journals. These manuscripts have been cited more than 70 times. He made more than 60 presentations in domestic and foreign meetings and was a speaker in more than 20 conferences or panels. He was awarded the first prize for the best manuscript and mentions. He has had more than 10,000 surgical case experiences for 20 years of actively working as an ophthalmologist.

His spheres of interest include Retinal Diseases and surgical treatment (vitreoretinal surgery), complicated glaucoma and complicated cataract cases, and excimer laser.