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Fathema Ibrahim Ali Al Ali from the United Arab Emirates believes she has been given a new life in Seoul thanks to a successful kidney transplant performed by Korean doctors. The organ transplant for the 35-year-old woman was conducted at Asan Medical Center, and she has shown signs of a fast recovery in resuming her previous activities and even adding some new ones after going back home.

South Africa ~ The Rising Star on Medical Tourism Horizon - by: Dr. Prem Jagyasi, Medical Tourism Magzine

South Africa has traditionally been featured as a preferred destination for the medical traveler particularly in the field of emergency treatment as well as elective procedures such as cosmetic and dental.....

Ghana targets health tourism boom - by: Louise Greenwood , Africa Business Report, BBC World News

As well as an array of massage, hydrotherapy and beauty treatments, Holy Trinity also offers a range of cosmetic and other surgery.

South Africa and Tunisia, two of the most important medical tourism destinations in Africa, are changing their healthcare systems, while Ghana is making an entry into health tourism.

Johannesburg — SA CAN accommodate up to 1-million health tourists each year and is ideally placed to the become the destination of choice for medical and cosmetic surgical procedures, Cawe Mahlati, the organiser of the inaugural Health Tourism Congress, said yesterday.....

South Africa can be top health tourist destination - by: Nthambeleni Gabara, Bua News

Johannesburg - South Africa is well positioned to become the destination of choice for health tourism. Addressing the Health Tourism Congress on Thursday on medical preparations for travel tourism ahead of 2010, Deputy Minister of Health Molefi Sefularo said before tourists visit a country, they search for the best healthcare available. "Health tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world as a result of an increasing number of patients travelling the world in search of the best quality and affordable medical care......

Johannesburg - South Africa has to position itself as a destination of choice for medical healthcare ahead the 2010 Fifa World Cup, Deputy Health Minister Molefi Sefularo said on Thursday. "It is a wave that you will all have to catch," he said at the South African health tourism conference at the Sandton Convention Centre......

SA WAS well positioned to take advantage of a fast-growing health tourism sector but the country had to guard against disadvantaging poorer communities, Deputy Health Minister Molefi Sefularo said yesterday. Demand for SA’s health services is steadily increasing. The demand comes from thousands of wealthy.....

Medical Tourism: Vaccinated Against the Recession? - by: Lorenza Alessie,

A forecast by Deloitte Consulting published in August 2008 projected that medical tourism originating from the US alone could jump by a factor of ten over the next decade.

More and more foreign tourists are coming to South Africa for a little nip and tuck at the country's private hospitals, with safari on the side.

Results 1 - 10 of 16