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Singapore's National University Hospital became the first in Asia to offer the first robotic assisted surgery to gynaecologic cancer patient in August 2008.

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Robotic surgery is an increasingly common surgical technique making waves around the globe. It enables surgeons to make extremely precise movements.

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Advanced Surgeries in Medicine at Bangalore - by: Anisha Nair, Citizen Matters - Bangalore

It is not for nothing that Bengaluru is a leading medical tourism destination in the country. A pool of talented specalists doctors in the city’s major hospitals are lining up noteworthy accomplishments at the state and national levels.  

Hospital performs robotic surgeries for colo-rectal ailments - by: David Brown,

A week ago, KIMS hospital conducted the colo-rectal surgery on four patients, besides 40 robot-assisted surgeries have been done for other diseases, Bhaskar said. Dr Surya Nalamati, Senior Surgeon at Henry Ford Hospital in the US, explained that robot-assisted surgery has more advantages than Laproscopy (operations performed through small incisions) as patients recover faster and have lesser trauma as the surgical incisions are smaller.

Results 1 - 10 of 983