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Dental Implants in Tijuana Mexico , Tijuana , Mexico

There are plenty of clinics in Tijuana, Mexico that offer great Dental Implant packages to international patients. Check them out!

Innovative BOX Technique for Jaw Restoration in Mexico , Cancun , Mexico

The Box technique is a new technique, invented in 2008 by Dr. Menoni Andrea, in Italy, which prosthetically and aesthetically uses guided bone regeneration and restores lost bone in the jaw by using polylactid acid absorbable materials, which are processed naturally by the body.

Root Canal Treatment Package in Los Algodones Mexico , Los Algodones , Mexico

The root canal treatment is simple and firstly involves the pulp removal. After the pulp was removed, an inside cleaning of the tooth is performed in order to avoid further complications and infections. ?

Sani Dental Implants in Los Algodones Mexico , Los Algodones , Mexico

Sani Dental, located in Los Algodones, Mexico, offers an affordable Dental Implants package, so that each patient would have a chance to get the perfect and bright smile, anyone longs for.

Top 10 Destinations for High Quality Dental Implants in Asia , Asian Health Care ,

Choose accredited dental clinics in Asia, all offering dental treatments, procedures and materials according to the international standards. Choose safe and modern dental care in Asia, performed by international board certified dental physicians.

Acrylic and Porcelain Dentures in Evolution Center Mexico , Los Algodones , Mexico

Evolution Implant Center, Los Algodones, Mexico offers very affordable dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico! The cost of acrylic dentures (upper or lower) is $350. If porcelain is preferred, it costs $450 for the upper or lower jaw.​

Affordable Dental Crowns in Frontier Dental Mexico , Mexicali , Mexico

Frontier Dental, Mexicali, Mexico offers Porcelain crowns for USD $200 and Emax crowns for USD $350. 

Affordable Dentures in Dentalia Mexico City Mexico , Mexico City , Mexico

Dentalia Dental Clinics, Mexico City, Mexico now offers dentures for approximately $517. ​

Affordable Root Canal Treatment Package in Cancun Mexico , Cancun , Mexico

The root canal treatment is intended to save the tooth and avoid tooth extraction. The procedure is done when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected (most often, the infection of the tooth pulp is painful, as well). Untreated tooth decay, accidental exposure of the dental pulp, pulp trauma (fracture of a front tooth), lead to the necessity of a root canal treatment.?

Affordable Sinus Lift in Los Algodones Mexico | Sani Dental Group , Los Algodones , Mexico

See what the benefits are for Sinus Lift in Los Algodones Mexico! Sani has the solution that best suits you and the details so you can better understand the procedure of sinus lift.

Results 11 - 20 of 246

Dentistry Packages | Abroad

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