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Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Piedras Negras, Mexico 

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Package in Mexico

All Inclusive Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery Package

by Obesity Free

"Making state of the art surgery affordable"

What is Gastric Sleeve?

The Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve is a procedure that involves the surgical removal of the around 70% of the stomach in the left side.

A new stomach is the result of the operation which looks like a banana and the sleeve of a coat in shape and size.

The stomach is then cut and sealed with a special stapling device (FDA approved) and finally the whole staple line is reinforced with suture. A device which is the only one used by Dr. Rosales in his practice.

What are the Advantages of the Procedure?

  • It is practically maintenance free!
  • It does not involve the placement of a foreign device.
  • It does not involve any risky stomach or intestinal re-routing.
  • There is no dumping syndrome.
  • It requires 5 very small incisions.
  • Minimal postoperative pain.
  • Minimal scarring.
  • It will effectively reduce hunger strikes as it involves the removal of the portion of stomach that produces the hunger hormone "ghrelin" so.
  • Fullness and satisfaction with small & healthy portions of food.
  • The reduced intake of food because of the restriction will result in dramatic weight loss!
  • Weight loss won't be drastic in a very short period of time, letting your body and skin to more easily adapt to a constant and healthier weight loss pattern.
  • It adjusts to every person's needs.
  • Very fast recovery, only two night of hospital stay.

Package Features:
  • Fixed Price Policy
  • JCI Accredited Hospital
  • All Inclusive Packages

Why to Choose Us?


  • We are focused on the treatment of patients who have struggled for years with their excess weight
  • We are dedicated to offering you a full service experience
  • We offer you fixed price packages to make your obesity surgery trip an exciting and safe adventure.
  • Highest quality of international health care standards.
  • Guarantee in your results.
  • Christus Muguerza Hospital's operates similarly to an American hospital network but it is located in Mexico.
  • We can offer obesity surgery at a fraction of the American price.
  • Our hospital is the first in Latin America to receive certification by the Joint Commission International.
  • As well as top-notch medical care, you get financial peace of mind when you choose us because we have a fixed price policy here at Obesity Free.
  • This means you will know the total cost in advance with our all-inclusive packages.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery Package in Mexico

DON'T RISK going to just any medical center for Gastric Sleeve Surgery. We have the best option for you just a click away!

Bringing Specially for you

  • Fixed Price Policy
  • JCI Accredited Hospital 
  • Best Gastric Sleeve

We at Obesity Free provide this All in One package at Highly Competetive Price.

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