Exclusive Packages for Obesity-Bariatric-Surgery in Mexico

Check Obesity-Bariatric-Surgery Packages Cost in Mexico

In patients with inadequate weight loss or weight regain after RYGB, BP limb Distalization with lengthening of the BP limb is an effective procedure for additional weight loss and further improvement of comorbidities. Get the best Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass revision surgery package details in Tijuana, Mexico here.
Revision Surgery- Vertical Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass surgery is for patients that have been given instructions by their Bariatric surgeon, to help them achieve their weight loss goal with a two-phase process to achieve optimal weight loss. Or, for patients that have hit a Plateau, or not achieved a significant amount of weight loss or have not had a reduction of their health issues. 
Try Gastric Balloon to combat obesity at an affordable price in Merida, Mexico. Bypass Gastrico Merida brings you the most effective way to get rid of accumulated body fat. Get complete details about the package here.
Bypass Gastrico Merida offers LAP-Band Surgery as an effective bariatric procedure to get rid of obesity and its long-term side-effects. LAP-Band surgery is ideal to have complete relief from excessive fat accumulation in the body. Get complete details about the package here.