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Reforma 1309, Col. Nueva Mexicali BC Mexicali, Mexico
Speciality: Gynecologist, General Practice, Bariatric Surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Urologist,
Languages: Spanish
Degree: General Surgery
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About - Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo

Garcia Audelo

Dr. Ricardo Garca Audelo is a Specialist in gastroenterology and laparoscopic surgery who focuses on helping obese patients find solutions. In 1987, he graduated from the "Autonomous University of Baja California" as a surgeon and midwife. Obesity surgery, gastroenterology, and laparoscopic surgery are among the techniques handled by Dr. Ricardo Garca Audelo.

Obesity surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, is considered successful if it manages to reduce more than 70% of the excess weight and if the patient manages to maintain the weight achieved after the operation by following a balanced diet and regular physical activity. Dr. Audelo uses techniques such as the gastric band, gastric bypass, and gastric balloon, among others, to help obese and overweight patients lose significant amounts of body weight.

As an expert in the field, Dr. Ricardo Garca Audelo can perform obesity, laparoscopic, or appendix surgery with professionalism. He also has the support of cutting-edge technology for the diagnosis and treatment of your disease. Dr. Ricardo helps his patients have a better quality of life at a reasonable cost thanks to his extensive experience in obesity, professional ethics, and excellent service quality.

With over 30 years of experience providing obesity advice and procedures. His experience ensures that treatments are of high quality and safe, as he stays up to date on the most cutting-edge techniques in his field.

Gastroenterology is the study of diseases of the digestive system and its associated organs, which include the esophagus, stomach, liver and bile ducts, pancreas, small intestine, colon, and rectum. Dr. Ricardo Garca Audelo is qualified and experienced to treat conditions in this field.

Dr. Ricardo García Audelo offers his bariatric services in Mexicali, Baja California. He offers 24-hour care to its patients, as well as consultation in English. If you are interested to book an appointment with Dr. Audelo, contact him in the link below:

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  • Specialist in gastroenterology and laparoscopic surgery

  • Graduated from the "Autonomous University of Baja California" in 1987, as a surgeon and midwife.

  • Over 30 years of clinical experience

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Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo Surgeon reviews

  • User Profile Image

    Amelie C

    I get a lot of emails but nothing else haven’t been able to get a consultation

    Jan 05 2024
  • User Profile Image

    A S

    Hello Alejandro and Dr Garcia,
    So I have no idea how this happened or what was done through my surgery but I just found out that I am pregnant !!!!!!! This is just gonna be a miracle baby, Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️ To both of you. I am beyond excited!!
    A Shelton

    EMAIL Sep 20 2022
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    I use to be 376 lbs. before going to see Doctor Garcia 3 years ago. I have nothing but good things to say about him and his staff. The nurses while I was inpatient were always extremely attentive. The housekeeping staff was impeccable and had the hospital floors so shiny. And Doctor Garcia was beyond attentive and helpful. I lost 230 lbs. after my gastric sleeve with no complications from my surgery. Thanks to him I have been able to keep the weight off for the past 3 years and not become part of the statistic of people who have gastric sleeve surgery and regain their weight within the first year. If I had to do it all over again I would without a question.

    Google Reviews Apr 21 2020
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    He operated on my wife 2 years ago and everything was perfect, he is an excellent doctor with a lot of experience and very clear to explain things to you. Good instructions and very attentive staff.

    Google Reviews Mar 21 2021
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    Very good Dr. Garcia Audelo since he operated on my daughter a few years ago and was perfectly well attended.

    Google Reviews Jan 21 2021
  • User Profile Image

    Tammi M

    Quick response.

    Sep 04 2020

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