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Costamed Gastric Balloon Package in Cancun, Mexico

Package price starting from: $2976
Treatment: Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Gastric Balloon
Associated Center: Costamed Medical Group
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Start Your Weight Loss Journey with Gastric Balloon in Cancun, Mexico

Gastric Balloon Package in Cancun, Mexico by Costamed

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When it comes to effective weight loss solutions, the Gastric Balloon Package offered by Costamed Medical Group in the picturesque city of Cancun, Mexico, stands out as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle. Costamed, renowned for its commitment to medical excellence, presents a comprehensive approach to obesity treatment in one of Mexico's most beautiful destinations.

Cost of Gastric Balloon in Cancun, Mexico by Costamed

You can get gastric balloon package in Cancun, Mexico by Costamed with the price starts at $2,976. Please refer to our price list table below:

Cost in USD
Cancun, Mexico
United States

Note: price may change and vary depends on complexity of procedures and patient conditions. Click free quote button below to learn more.

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Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Gastric Balloon in Cancun, Mexico

  • Scenic Recovery: Cancun's tranquil beaches and tropical landscapes provide an idyllic environment for post-procedure recuperation.
  • Affordability: Cost savings of up to 70% compared to the United States make Mexico a cost-effective choice.
  • Expert Medical Team: Costamed boasts a team of experienced bariatric specialists who prioritize patient safety and satisfaction.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: World-class medical facilities equipped with the latest technology ensure optimal treatment outcomes.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Enjoy the rich culture and heritage of Mexico while undergoing your weight loss journey.

Overview of the Gastric Balloon Surgery

The gastric balloon surgery is a minimally invasive and temporary weight loss procedure designed to aid individuals in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. During this outpatient procedure, a soft silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach and inflated, promoting a sense of fullness and reduced appetite. Typically, the balloon remains in place for about six months, during which time patients can experience significant weight loss.

This procedure is well-suited for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40 who have struggled with traditional weight loss methods. The Gastric Balloon offers an effective, non-surgical option to jumpstart weight loss, encouraging patients to adopt healthier eating habits and embark on a path to improved overall well-being.

Gastric Balloon Package Inclusions:

  • Initial Consultation: A thorough evaluation by our medical team to assess your suitability for the procedure.
  • Gastric Balloon Placement: The surgical insertion of the gastric balloon under anesthesia.
  • Post-Procedure Care: Comprehensive follow-up and support during the six-month balloon period.
  • Nutritional Guidance: Personalized dietary advice to facilitate weight loss and lifestyle changes.
  • Transfers and Accommodation: Hassle-free transportation and comfortable lodging during your stay in Cancun.

Gastric Balloon Package Exclusions:

  • Travel Expenses: Costs related to flights and transportation to Cancun are not included.
  • Additional Medical Services: Any unforeseen medical services or treatments beyond the package scope.
  • Personal Expenses: Expenses such as meals and personal purchases during your stay.
  • Complications: Costs related to treatment of any complications that may arise post-surgery.
  • Extended Stay: Expenses for any additional nights beyond the package duration.

Gastric Balloon Surgery Pre-Op Tests:

  • Blood Tests: To assess your overall health and screen for any underlying conditions.
  • EKG: Electrocardiogram to ensure your heart is healthy for the procedure.
  • Endoscopy: A thorough examination of the digestive tract.
  • Nutritional Assessment: Evaluating your dietary habits and nutritional status.
  • Psychological Evaluation: Ensuring you are mentally prepared for the weight loss journey.

Bariatric Surgeon in Cancun, Mexico for Gastric Balloon Surgery

Finding the right bariatric surgeon in Cancun, Mexico for your Gastric Balloon Surgery is a crucial step towards achieving your weight loss goals safely and effectively. Cancun boasts a roster of highly qualified and experienced bariatric specialists, many of whom are affiliated with renowned medical facilities like Costamed. These surgeons are not only skilled in performing the Gastric Balloon procedure but also offer comprehensive pre-operative assessments and post-operative care to ensure your success.

When choosing a bariatric surgeon in Cancun, it's essential to consider their credentials, patient testimonials, and the level of personalized care they provide. With the guidance of a proficient surgeon, you can embark on your weight loss journey in a destination renowned for both medical excellence and breathtaking natural beauty.

Dr. Ricardo de Jesus
Dra. Idolina Michel
Dr. Ricardo de Jesus
Dra. Idolina Michel

Is Gastric Balloon Right for You?

  • BMI Criteria: Ideal for individuals with a BMI between 30 and 40.
  • Failed Diets: Suitable for those who have unsuccessfully tried diet and exercise.
  • Health Concerns: Recommended for individuals with obesity-related health issues.
  • Commitment: Requires a commitment to lifestyle changes and post-procedure follow-up.

What to Expect During the Gastric Balloon?


In-depth discussion with your medical team.


Quick and minimally invasive.


Minimal downtime; return to normal activities in days.


Regular check-ups for six months.

Lifestyle Changes:

Embrace healthier eating habits and physical activity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is the Gastric Balloon procedure in Cancun, Mexico, safe?

Yes, the procedure is safe when performed by experienced bariatric specialists at reputable facilities like Costamed.

2. How long does the Gastric Balloon stay in the stomach?

Typically, the balloon remains in the stomach for six months, promoting weight loss during this period.

3. What is the expected weight loss with a Gastric Balloon in Cancun?

Patients can expect to lose approximately 10-30% of their excess body weight during the balloon's presence.

4. Are there dietary restrictions during the Gastric Balloon treatment?

Yes, a specialized diet plan is provided, focusing on portion control and healthier food choices.

5. Is the Gastric Balloon Package in Cancun all-inclusive?

The package includes many essentials such as the procedure, accommodation, and post-op care, but travel expenses and additional medical services may not be included.

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