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Cost-Effective Gastric Balloon Package in Mexicali, Mexico

Package Price: $3600
Treatment: Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Gastric Balloon
Focus Area: Gastric Balloon in Mexicali Mexico | Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo

The Best Gastric Balloon Package in Mexicali, Mexico

Gastric Balloon Package in Mexicali, Mexico

Top Package for Gastric Balloon in Mexicali, Mexico

Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo offers an affordable package for Gastric Balloon in Mexicali, Mexico. Get effective weight loss surgery in Mexicali today at PlacidWay.

Gastric Balloon is an effective bariatric surgery that helps obese patients lose weight permanently. A surgeon places a saline-filled silicone balloon in your stomach which limits the amount of food you can eat and makes you feel fuller faster.

Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo is one of the best clinics in Mexicali where international patients come for bariatric surgery. The clinic provides modern facilities for your safe and comfortable stay during the treatment.

Advantages of Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo:

  • The latest technology used in bariatric surgery
  • Proven track record of success
  • Professional medical team
  • Post-operative care and follow-up
  • Affordable all-inclusive packages.

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What is the Gastric Balloon Surgery Procedure?

Gastric Balloon or intragastric balloon procedure is an option if you have concerns about your weight and diet and exercise haven't worked for you.

This procedure requires a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. You need to make permanent healthy changes to your diet and get regular exercise to help ensure the long-term success of the procedure.

Cost of Gastric Balloon in Mexicali by Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo

You can get Gastric Balloon in Mexicali by Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo at the price of only $3,600!

The cost comparison table below shows Gastric Balloon prices in America, Canada, and Mexicali.




Mexicali, Mexico

Gastric Balloon


United States

Gastric Balloon



Gastric Balloon



Note: For more information about the final price, make sure to contact the clinic directly. The price may vary depending on your condition and the complexity of the procedure.

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Benefits of Gastric Balloon in Mexicali by Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo

Here are the benefits of having a Gastric Balloon:

  • Lose weight with the non-surgical method
  • Resolve conditions related to obesity
  • Improve your overall health
  • Feel more confident
  • Long-term positive results

Gastric Balloon Package Inclusions

  • All related surgical costs: surgeons, anesthesia, equipment
  • Hospital stay, nursing care.
  • Ambulatory surgery 
  • Personal host in Mexicali and Hospital dedicated to your travel itinerary.
  • Case Manager Assistance Bilingual
  • Transportation from Yuma Arizona Airport

Gastric Balloon Package Exclusions

  • Airfare
  • Accommodations

Payment Options: Cash and Credit Cards.

Best Bariatric Surgeons in Mexicali by Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo

Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo is a highly trained and experienced bariatric surgeon. Here are the credentials of Dr. Audelo:

  • Board-certified surgeon
  • Experience: 10+ years
  • Speaks Spanish and English

Why Choose Gastric Balloon in Mexicali, Mexico?

Having your weight-loss surgery in Mexicali will undoubtedly be a cost-effective decision. In addition, you’ll also have the chance to explore the city before your gastric balloon procedure.

Here are the top attractions in Mexicali you can visit:

  • Museo Sol del Nino
  • Canon de Guadalupe
  • Arenia Casino
  • Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

FAQs about Gastric Balloon in Mexicali

Am I a good candidate for Gastric Balloon?

       After the doctor evaluates you, he may recommend gastric balloon surgery if you have

  • Body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40
  • You're willing to commit to healthy lifestyle changes
  • You didn't have any previous stomach surgery

What should I expect after the Gastric Balloon procedure?

Your surgeon will let you know what to expect after the gastric balloon procedure. You'll probably be able to start eating regular food up to three weeks after the insertion of the gastric balloon.

You also must take care of your diet and meet your nutritionist and psychologist, frequently after your procedure.

       What are the side effects of Gastric Balloon?

The most common side effects of gastric balloon are pain and nausea. However, these symptoms usually only last for a few days after the surgery. A doctor will prescribe effective medications you can use at home.

What is the recovery process like?

The recovery process from Gastric Balloon depends on the complexity of the surgery, your aftercare, and your overall health. Usually, the recovery period takes up to 6 weeks and consists of resting and avoiding strenuous activities.

However, every person is different and you should consult your doctor about this.

Get Your Gastric Balloon Package in Mexicali, Mexico!

Gastric Balloon is an effective and safe weight loss procedure to help you get rid of your obesity problem. At Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo clinic, you will have your bariatric surgery performed by the best bariatric surgeon in Mexicali. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and get your package at only $3,600!

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