Gastric Bypass in Merida Mexico

Gastric Bypass in Merida Mexico

Lose Weight with Gastric Bypass in Merida Mexico

Have you tried to lose weight with different diets and exercise, but nothing worked? Gastric bypass in Merida Mexico is a weight-loss surgery that helped thousands of American and Canadian obese patients to lose about 60% of excess weight in one year. The procedure also reduces the risk of potentially life-threatening weight-related health problems.

But why is Merida so popular for RYGB surgery? World-renewed bariatric centers, board-certified surgeons, and an opportunity for a vacation in Yucatan Peninsula make Merida famous among medical tourists.

You will learn more about RYGB in Merida clinics, doctors, and top tourist spots in our guide. Let's begin with the medical packages available for your most convenient trip to Merida, Mexico.

Exclusive Gastric Bypass in Merida Package

Considering Gastric bypass in Merida but are unsure where to start from? The easiest way to undergo weight loss surgery abroad is by selecting an all-inclusive package to cut the expenses and travel anxiety. Therefore, we offer an exclusive package gastric bypass deal in Merida's top bariatric clinic for only $7,000.

Find package inclusions, benefits, and how to book by following the link below. And reach out to us anytime regarding any question you may have.

Gastric Bypass, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Bypass Package in Merida, Mexico by Hernia Clinic

Hernia Clinic provides a cheap package for Gastric Bypass in Merida, Mexico. Get top treatment free


The Cost of Gastric Bypass in Merida

Gastric Bypass cost in Merida $7,000 on average, while in the USA $25,000 and more. There is a chance that you save up to 80% on the surgery in Merida while receiving the same quality of care as in America.

Another opportunity that comes along with bariatric surgery is having a vacation before the procedure in Merida and the Yucatan peninsula. This will help you relax and have hassle-free medical treatment.

Let's see the cost comparison table for price details.

Gastric Bypass Cost Comparison in Mexico
Country Procedure Price
Canada Gastric Bypass, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $20500
United States Gastric Bypass, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $25000

Best Bariatric Hospitals in Merida for Gastric Bypass

The primary concern of international patients is if the clinic delivers high-quality care and positive results. So, if this is what you want to know, we will help you find a trustworthy bariatric clinic in Merida where you'll receive top-notch medical treatment for a budget-friendly price.

Our hospital providers in Merida offer safe and effective weight loss surgery in state-of-the-art facilities. Bariatric doctors specialize in minimally invasive procedures using advanced technology and innovative medical devices.

The dedicated medical team is trained to provide excellent care by following strict protocols that comply with international standards.

Top Center

Bypass Gastrico Merida

Bypass Gastrico Merida, located in Merida, Mexico, offers a wide range of obesity and diabetes using cutting-edge technology. The health professionals here are known to treat patients from all over the world at affordable prices.

Top Center

Hernia Clinic Mexico and Bariatric Center

Hernia Clinic provides best Obesity Surgery in Merida, Mexico. Book online now Gastrointestinal Surgery, Intragastric Balloon Surgery, Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery at Hernia Clinic.

Top Video to Watch about Best Gastric Bypass Doctors in Merida

Meet the best gastric bypass surgeons in Merida, Mexico in our video below.

Read Weight Loss Surgery in Merida Reviews

  • Lupita Chan

    "He is not only excellent as a doctor if not also as a person, one of his virtues as a doctor is that he takes the time to do an explanation before, during and after surgery, intending to keep his patients informed and at the same time offer us calm. I also think that the laparoscopic technique is good, especially for people who like me suffer from diabetes and provides us with a speedy recovery comparing it to other types of surgeries."

    Patient was treated by Hernia Clinic Mexico and Bariatric Center Jun 22, 2022
  • Tere

    The best team without a doubt!!! 1 month 11 days and I feel so good. always the team of Bypass Gastrico Merida ahead of my evolution. without any hassle and slowly recovering my health. Definitely 100% recommended to Dr Jesus Nunez and all his team!!!

    Patient was treated by Bypass Gastrico Merida Jan 25, 2022
  • Jose

    Dr. Jesus Nunez is a Surgeon Certified Bariatra El with a high academic and professional level with international prestige. And a great multidisciplinary work team that they work with It is highly recommended

    Patient was treated by Bypass Gastrico Merida Feb 10, 2019
  • Ishak

    It's changing my life!!!!! I'm a little over a month in, and I feel wonderful. Dr. Nuñez and the whole team always with the best attitude, great knowledge and professionalism in their work.

    Patient was treated by Bypass Gastrico Merida Aug 22, 2019
  • Sarinni

    I had surgery with Dr. Jesus 5 days ago! Always him and his team up to my evolution! Absolutely nothing hurt and everything went well in surgery! Definitely recommend, maybe not the cheapest option they will find but I assure you their safety and health is totally worth it ! Pictures with results will be uploaded soon! Thank you Doctor Jesus, Miguel, Silvia and the whole team

    Patient was treated by Bypass Gastrico Merida Jan 14, 2022
  • Riki

    Hi I recommend the surgery with this group of amazing professionals My name is Ricardo and I am living in Bournemouth United Kingdom and i travel all that miles to took the best decision of my life, made the gastric bypass with this wonderful group of Doctors, starting with Dr Jesus Nuñez the head of the team thanks you for everything really I am more that happy because you teach me that everything is my mind and now I can start to see the change in me. I lost already 20kg in 1 month exactly. To the rest of the team thanks for everything you are amazing always taking care about me really I can’t be more happy Thanks you for all my best wishes and god bless to all of you

    Patient was treated by Bypass Gastrico Merida Feb 13, 2019

Best Bariatric Doctors in Merida for Gastric Bypass

Merida is home to world-renewed bariatric centers and doctors who provide quality and safe weight loss surgery to local and foreign patients. They have achieved outstanding results in obesity problems patients are facing.

Weight loss surgeons in Merida pride themselves on delivering high success rates at low costs. With extensive training and years of experience, Merida doctors can be classified among the world's best.

Contact our PlacidWay team to meet your bariatric surgeon in Merida today!


Explore Merida before Gastric Bypass Surgery

Mérida, the vibrant capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán, is known for its rich Mayan and colonial heritage. Medical tourists come to Merida for quality medical care and to indulge in a peaceful walk in the city center and to explore its top places.

It is the Cultural Capital of the Yucatan Peninsula and one of Mexico's most beautiful colonial cities. There’s a plethora of things to do and see  in Merida, some of the best places include

  • Walk Paseo Montejo and see its beautiful buildings, vibrant cafes and colorful shops.

  • Explore Monumento a la Patria.

  • Have lunch at a local restaurant.

  • Visit the Parroquia Santa Ana (Parrish/Church of Saint Ana) 

  • Visit the Palacio Municipal (Municipal Palace) - one of the best colonial buildings in Merida’s Central Plaza.

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