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Gastric Sleeve Package in Tijuana, Mexico by Gilenis Surgical Center

Package price starting from: $4200
Treatment: Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Sleeve Gastrectomy
Associated Center: Gilenis Surgical Center
East Expressway 4222 Zona Rio, Chamizal, 22415 Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Mexico
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All-Inclusive Sleeve Gastrectomy Package in Tijuana

Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana Mexico

Affordable Package for Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana Mexico

Lose weight with an effective and safe gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico! Get rid of your obesity problem, and improve your overall health and self-esteem by choosing our special package deal for Sleeve Gastrectomy in Tijuana provided by the top bariatric clinic Gilenis Surgical Center.

  • Package Price: $4,200
  • Procedure: Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Clinic: Gilenis Surgical Center
  • Location: Tijuana, Mexico
  • Doctor: Dr. Uriel

Package Includes:

  • Surgeon and anesthesiologist fees, clinic fees with 2 days of stay with us
  • Medications used in surgery
  • Preparatory tests
  • Post-surgical medical check-ups.

Gilenis Surgical Center is among the best hospitals in Tijuana Mexico, providing dental, regenerative therapy, and plastic surgery for international patients. Experienced doctors are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible. The medical team is committed to making your experience at the center as comfortable and safe as possible.

Advantages of Gilenis Surgical Center:

  • Renowned clinic for General, Bariatric, Plastic, Urology, and Dental
  • Highly experienced doctors
  • Operating theaters equipped with high technology
  • Payment plans for your convenience
  • Offer reliable, comfortable and effective services
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What is Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most popular bariatric surgeries because it decreases the risk of obesity-related health problems such as heart disease,high cholesterol, and high blood pressure while making you lose weight. The requirement for this surgery is having a 35 or more body mass index (BMI). This surgery is also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

In sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach is reduced to about 15% of its original size, by surgical removal of a large portion of the stomach, following the major curve. The open edges are then attached (often with surgical staples) to form a sleeve or tube with a banana shape. The procedure permanently reduces the size of the stomach. The procedure is performed laparoscopically and is not reversible.

Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico by Gilenis

You can get an affordable Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana with the price starting at $4,200.

Procedure Note: Price can change and vary depends on complexity of procedure and patient condition.

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Advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana

Sleeve Gastrectomy Package Inclusions

  • Surgeon and anesthesiologist fees
  • Clinic fees
  • 2 days of hospitalization
  • Preparatory exams
  • Post-surgical medical check-ups

Gastric Sleeve Package Exclusions

Best Bariatric Surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico at Gilenis Surgical Center

Bariatric surgeons in Tijuana at Gilenis Surgical Center are experts in the field. They strive to help you make your dreams real by delivering high-quality treatments for you to look and feel beautiful.

Gastric Sleeve Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico

Gilenis Surgical Center - Specialized Clinic in Tijuana Mexico
Dr. Uriel – General Surgeon and Bariatric Surgery
  • Specializes in General Surgery – Appendectomy, Artery Bypass, Breast Biopsy, and Mastectomy

  • Specializes in Bariatric Surgery – Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, and Gastric Band

Here are the credentials of the top bariatric surgeon in Tijuana:

Dr. Uriel – General Surgeon and Bariatric Surgery

Languages: Spanish, English

Experiences and Certifications:

  • Specializes in General Surgery – Appendectomy, Artery Bypass, Breast Biopsy, and Mastectomy
  • Specializes in Bariatric Surgery – Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, and Gastric Balloon

Why Choose WLS in Tijuana, Mexico?

Get a high-quality weight loss procedure and enjoy a wonderful vacation in Tijuana border town before the procedure. The city is only about 30 minutes away from San Diego, CA, making it a convenient location for American patients.

Here are top places worth exploring in Tijuana:

  • Playas de Tijuana
  • El Centro
  • Museo de Cera de Tijuana
  • Parque Morelos
  • Galería Comercial Pacifico
  • Centro Cultural Tijuana
  • Zona Río

FAQs about Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

Am I a Good Candidate for Gastric Sleeve?

After the consultation with your doctor, you will know if the Gastric sleeve is surgery for you. A BMI of 35-39 or higher, with specific health problems like Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, or high blood pressure can make you a good candidate for the surgery.

What can I expect after Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana?

You can expect to lose about 70% or even more of your excess weight within two years after gastric sleeve surgery. Of course, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle as your doctor advises to see long-lasting results. 

However, every patient is different, and many factors determine the success of the gastric sleeve procedure.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Safe?

Gastric sleeve surgery is generally a safe procedure. However, like any bariatric surgery, there are certain risks involved in gastric sleeve procedure such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Blood Cloths
  • Irregular heartbeat

Luckily, all these complications can be eliminated with precautions taken. Your doctor will tell you what to expect and help you stay safe during and after the procedure.

Get an All-Inclusive Package for Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana Now!

Start your journey to weight loss today and get an all-inclusive package for Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana Mexico at Gilenis clinic. Experience long-term positive results and boost your confidence after effective WLS. Click the contact us button to get more information:

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