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Affordable Chemotherapy Rehabilitation with Stem Cell in Kiev Ukraine

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Best Stem Cells Treatment For Limb Ischemia in Kiev Ukraine

Affordable Chemotherapy Rehabilitation with Stem Cell in Kiev Ukraine

We build and also put into practice the latest scientific accomplishments in the field of cell treatment to health care technique, collaborating traditional strategies of remedy as well as latest scientific research extensive biomedical technology.

Institute of Cellular Therapy, scientific-research, customized medical-diagnostic ability, that evolved into the source for clinic, was established a long time ago in Kiev. Experts of the Institute of Cellular Therapy created as well as launched into healthcare exercise the most recent technological successes in the field of celltechnologies, cryomedicine as well as non-medicinal techniques of cure. Distinctive individual methodics of stem cells therapy are shielded with several patents as well as records of identification. They possess acquired global acknowledgement that have exhibited excessive success in medical approach. 

Effects of Chemotherapy Rehabilitation with Stem Cells

The consequence of Cellular treatments : A rejuvenation of the defense mechanisms, hematopoietic process. Considerably enhances the basic illness, normalized bloodstream outlines ( hemoglobin and white blood cells ).
Package includes:
  • Transportation from and to international airport  Borispol  (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Accommodation in a comfortable clinic room, 4 meals (if necessary taking into consideration all dietary tables)
  • Laboratory blood tests, ultrasound, dropper with complex products that increase the effect of stem cells
  • Massage services and the cosmetician
  • Basic procedure-injection of stem cells (drip)
  • 24 hour medical observation
  • Patient will receive a package of documents with recommendations for further treatment and nutrition, the results of the examination.
  • Period of treatment 7-8 days.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Center plays an important role in the successful development of cellular therapy. 
  • Our Center is equipped with modern instruments and has all the possibilities for out-patient and in-patient treatment, and also for diagnostic examinations and rehabilitation measures.
  • Specialists at Our Center deliver highly professional medical care in diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with complex diseases of any etiology, when traditional methods of treatment are not effective. 
  • Our Center has all the medical technologies, which allow to diagnose during the shortest period of time and to determine the scope of patient’s problems.