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Summer "Smile Again" Packages in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Now is the most economical time to visit the exotic shores of Puerto Vallarta – hot steamy days and by night, dramatic tropical storms with lightening shows to rival the best pyrotechnics you will ever see! Come now and take advantage of our summer specials as well – let us resolve the misery of your ill fitting dentures, once and for all. Package one: $2,500USD Package two:  $3,500USD

Terme Selce programs are recognized by professional and non professional sportsmen, showbiz individuals, managers and tourists from all over the World.

7 days & 6 days - 12 days & 11 days  package includes preoperative tests, rest & pre op tests, evaluations, back pain therapy, rehabilitation therapy and discharge. You will spend these days simply worrying about improving your health. “ The physical therapy and rehabilitation consists of blocking the pain with analgesic procedures, easing the tension in certain muscle groups and soothing muscle bulk of the abdominal and back musculature.

You will Relax with our Anti Stress Program, in the beautiful Croatia. This Package includes different relaxing massages, acupressure, individual exercising, accommodationat 4* hotel or apartment.  Our program is recognizedby professional and non professional sportsmen, showbiz individuals, managers and tourists from all over the World. Come and relieve your stress and start a positive attitude with us!

With the 14 days & 13 nights Weight Loss Program in Selce, Croatia, you'll be able to lose all unwanted pounds and we'll teach you how to follow a healthy diet and keep losing weight. Our worldwide recognised professionals will help you step by step. Medical tourists from all over the World visit us for this and all our programs. Join us and let us help you to feel healthier!

This package brings for you Liposculpture with Tumescent Technique at Esthetique Clinic and Spa. $2000 two areas$1200 3rd$1000 4th área

1-tooth implant for price of 1,000 EUR One porcelain-fused-to-metal crown at price of 285 EUR Click on package details to learn more!

Package price includes: Completed haematology tests analysis Pre & post operative consultations The surgical procedure with Anesthetist fees Personal bilingual assistant

Dr. Branko Glusac launches his special Rhinoplasty plus abdomen liposuction package in Costa Rica. Affordable Cosmetic surgery at affordable price.

Come to Makarska, Croatia, make your nose look the way you'll like it!!! Rhinoplasty plus Septoplasty- Nasal Function/ breathing problems in 2,500 EUR Only

Results 1861 - 1870 of 1873