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Stem Cell Therapy
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Vienna, Austria 
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Profile Video

Cerebralparese Cerebral Palsy
Video about a 6 year old boy with severe Cerebral Palsy a day before and a few weeks after stem cell therapy.
Zerebralparese Cerebral Palsy
Video about a 2 year old boy with severe Cerebral Palsy, prior and after the stem cell therapy.
Querschnittlähmung C4
Video about a 41 year old patient with Paraplegia C4 in an interview after being treated now by us in January 2012 - it is Lubomir´s second treatment. 
Quadriplegia and stemcell therapy, Quadriplegie und Stammzellent
Video about A 45 years old patient with Quadriplegia is being interviewed about his experience after another stem cell treatment, carried out through us in Vienna.(It is a German dubbed version) 
Dr. Kobinia on Stem Cell Therapy
Dr. Kobinia explains the stem cell therapy controversy and the future of stem cells in treating diseases. 

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