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Dr. Vorobiev | Serbian Rehab Clinic Located at
Sremskih Boraca 2E Zemun , Belgrade, Serbia.
Phone: +1-303-578-0719
Center Profile: Dr. Vorobiev | Serbian Rehab Clinic
Dr. Vorobiev | Serbian Rehab Clinic : Choosing freedom...
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Contact Information:
Dr. Vorobiev | Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinic
Sremskih Boraca 2E Zemun
Belgrade, Serbia 11080

Dr. Vorobiev's Rehab Clinic in Serbia | Ibogaine therapy | Heroin Addiction Treatment | Methadone Addiction Treatment | Treatment for Cocaine Addiction | Alcohol Addiction Treatment | Benzodiazepine Addiction Treatment | Gambling Addiction | Marijuana Addiction Rehab| Subutex Detox | Painless Drug Detoxification | Belgrade, Serbia


Welcome to Dr Vorobiev's The Rehab Clinic

In 1992 psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. Nicholay Vorobiev began treating patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Following all of the traditionally accepted methods of treatment he soon came to realize that the results obtained were quite unsatisfactory, and often very unreliable.

Dr. Vorobiev felt the need for something new and revolutionary in the treatment of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, tablet addictions, for something that could offer real results. Thus began the search for new methods, the psychotherapeutic experiment, the unorthodox solutions, and the first victories. Over time Dr. Vorobiev's method - which seeks to establish in the patient a negative relationship with the substance of addiction, by developing a psychological as well as physiological aversion to the substance in question - began to take shape. News of the doctor and his effective new methodology spread quickly.

Why Choose Rehab Clinic - Dr Vorobiev?

  • Because we offer a responsible high quality treatment of drugs, alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates and pathological gambling addiction.
  • We carry out serious physical and psychological examinations included the treating of comorbid illnesses.
  • Guaranteed discretion and an option of anonymous treatment.

Since their founding, our clinics have treated over 10,000 patients suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Our special medical treatment program is a unique mix of international methodology combined with our own expertise. The result is a successful remission rate many times higher than those found in traditional rehabilitation centers.

A study conducted between May 2007 and May 2008 measured the longer-term outcomes of our patients’ recoveries from narcotics addiction. The results were striking: 75% of patients were in excellent remission; 19% were in satisfactory remission. Just 11% of patients were in unsatisfactory remission.

Six more reasons for choosing Dr Vorobiev Clinic:

  • Dr. Vorobiev's clinic employs five different methods for a completely painless detoxification from heroin, methadone and alcohol. The patient's detoxification must be painless and quick (two to four days). The patient maintains good appetite, mood and sleep.
  • Individual approach in everything: starting with specific medical help, psychotherapy and ending with the diet. Food is prepared in accordance with the patient’s religious beliefs or possible food allergies
  • The main reason lies in Dr. Vorobiev's method of treating the brain in such a way that one becomes completely indifferent to drugs and alcohol. In place of the former all encompassing desire to take drugs – surprise at what one could have found attractive.
  • Aversion therapy is used to create a strong distaste for drugs, alcohol and gambling, which aids in further assuring the success of the new-found healthy lifestyle. That insures the protection against of relapse.
  • Long-term support through out-patient treatment sees that everything possible is done to aid the patient retain sobriety.
  • Doctors are available 24-7 should out-patients come to need help at any time.

Treatment Conditions

Doctor Vorobiev Clinic in SerbiaPeople from all over the world are treated in our clinic in Belgrade. Within 30 minutes of being greeted at the airport by a member of our staff, the patient is introduced to his or her doctor. Within another 30 minutes the patient is in his or her room undergoing the first diagnostic tests. Should the patient be suffering from withdrawal he or she is provided with aid from the outset. No pains are spared to ensure the patient's comfort. Food is prepared four times a day, and in accordance with the patient's religious beliefs or possible food allergies. All rooms, single and double, come equipped with air-conditioning, private bathrooms and cable television. Table-tennis, billiards, and video game systems can also be found for the patient's enjoyment. During the second stage of the treatment patients are taken to the movies, museums, the zoo and the botanical gardens. Parts of the treatment take place outside of the clinic's walls.

Patients of Doctor Vorobiev Clinic in SerbiaPatients

The clinic is open to patients from all countries, suffering from every addiction imaginable, from drugs, to alcohol, to gambling, benzodiazepines and barbiturates etc. Moreover, patients can also be treated for neuroses, depression, even stuttering. A complete examination along with the treatment of any underlying mental disorders or other accompanying illnesses is something the doctors consider a matter of professional duty and ethics.

The Doctors

Drug and Alcohool Rehab Clinic in SerbiaThe team of doctors functioning under Dr. Vorobiev's guidance includes psychiatrists, neurologists, psychotherapists, anaesthesiologists, doctors specialising in resuscitation, and doctors specializing in internal medicine. The doctors of all kinds of specialties are being enlisted if necessary. 

The number of patients seeking treating of heroin, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, tablet addictions grew, and along with the demand grew the clinic. Doctors were chosen with great care, trained and developed, until a team of the highest quality had been created, a team which could constantly work on refining the clinic's treatment methods, seeking to bring even better results than those already achieved.

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Dr. Vorobiev | Serbian Rehab Clinic Doctors
Dr. Vorobiev Nikolay, Psychiatrist, Expert in Narcomania, Resuscitation Specialist, Toxicologist.
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Dr. Vorobiev | Serbian Rehab Clinic

I am 66 years old and suffer from very severe COPD (emphysema)Icannot praise all the doctors and nurses highly enough in fact I felt very humble that so many spoke english to me and those that could not could speak good english spoke enough to be able to comminicate what they needed me to do.I found every member of staff at the clinic very friendly ,kind,considerate and helpful and would go out of there way to provide any assistance even if not asked for .

john david pentelow

26th November,2012
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