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Villa Bella Located at
Brienner Str. 14/II, Almeida-Palace , Munich, Germany.
Phone: +1-303-500-3821 Extraordinary clinic for Plastic Surgery offers affordable aesthetic dream results... from facelift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck to liposuction and various laser treatments... experience the best Europe has to offer.. Anti-AgingCosmetic/Plastic SurgeryWeight Loss Program

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Villa Bella : Clinical Practice for Plastic Surgery
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Contact Information:
Villa Bella
+1 (303) 500-3821
Brienner Str. 14/II, Almeida-Palace
Munich, Germany 80333
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery | Tummy Tuck Surgery | Plastic Surgeon | Facelift Surgery | Breast Augmentation | Cosmetic Surgery | Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals | Anti-Aging Treatment | Weight Loss Centers | Plastic Surgery | Cosmetic Surgery | Breast Reduction Surgery | Weight Loss Surgery | Brest Enlargement Surgery | Laser Treatment | Wrinkle Treatment | Lip Surgery | Breast Lift Surgery

Welcome to the Villa Bella!
Every day we come to decisions, and preferably we would like to feel good with what we decide upon.

Feeling good!!!

  • that means first of all getting to know what you actually want
  • not to guess, but to know, which competence you can expect
    and, very important:
  • to feel good on your way to your individual beauty!

Why Us?

  • Extraordinary team members, being at the same time professionalsand human beings, who carefully listen to your desires, taking this asthe basics for planning and transformation. While being courageous, open and creative like you are, our team members are simultaneously careful and responsible.
  • Considerations underlying experience of generations on thebasis of up to date science being discussed and decided together withyou.
  • Effective and at the same time gentle, even non-invasive technologies.
  • Rooms, characterized by elegance, openness, warmness and a flair of a real hideaway…
  • My personal experience as well as the experience of my colleagues shalltake care of your wishes, imaginations and well-being. Each of our team members stands for these objectives, in their role as professionals as well as human beings.

Part of that professionalism and opennessis the fact, that, in some cases, we have to answer "no" to some of your questions or desires.

With regard to this, We may invoke the onephrase of the notably Hippocratic oath, the ethical guideline for doctors since literally thousands of years:

  • Our medical regulations for your well-being and your advantage will be guided by myskill and my discretion. We strongly refrain from applying them unlawful or to somebody's disadvantage."
  • Our team is looking forward to create something for you and togetherwith you, may it be big or small. In any case: something beautiful. We would like to be measured and evaluated by you as our focus of attention as well as the interpretation of the Hippocratic oath.

It is our privilege and also our responsibility to intently listen to you, to discuss what is possible and what is not. Therefore we are happy to provide our personal professionalism as well as the professionalism of our complete team – you should by all means not look or feel like your predecessor or your successor. Our common objective shall be the refinement, the support, as well as the underlined emphasis of your individuality. For that we stand with our history, our persons and our name. And with us, our complete team. Challenge our word!

Your "feeling good" in all these aspects is important to us. Only if you are satisfied, we dare calling it a good "partnership". Looking forward to that!

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