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Villa Bella Profile Overview

Welcome to the Villa Bella!
Every day we come to decisions, and preferably we would like to feel good with what we decide upon.

Feeling good!!!

  • that means first of all getting to know what you actually want
  • not to guess, but to know, which competence you can expect
    and, very important:
  • to feel good on your way to your individual beauty!

Why Us?

  • Extraordinary team members, being at the same time professionalsand human beings, who carefully listen to your desires, taking this asthe basics for planning and transformation. While being courageous, open and creative like you are, our team members are simultaneously careful and responsible.
  • Considerations underlying experience of generations on thebasis of up to date science being discussed and decided together withyou.
  • Effective and at the same time gentle, even non-invasive technologies.
  • Rooms, characterized by elegance, openness, warmness and a flair of a real hideaway…
  • My personal experience as well as the experience of my colleagues shalltake care of your wishes, imaginations and well-being. Each of our team members stands for these objectives, in their role as professionals as well as human beings.

Part of that professionalism and opennessis the fact, that, in some cases, we have to answer "no" to some of your questions or desires.

With regard to this, We may invoke the onephrase of the notably Hippocratic oath, the ethical guideline for doctors since literally thousands of years:

  • Our medical regulations for your well-being and your advantage will be guided by myskill and my discretion. We strongly refrain from applying them unlawful or to somebody's disadvantage."
  • Our team is looking forward to create something for you and togetherwith you, may it be big or small. In any case: something beautiful. We would like to be measured and evaluated by you as our focus of attention as well as the interpretation of the Hippocratic oath.

It is our privilege and also our responsibility to intently listen to you, to discuss what is possible and what is not. Therefore we are happy to provide our personal professionalism as well as the professionalism of our complete team – you should by all means not look or feel like your predecessor or your successor. Our common objective shall be the refinement, the support, as well as the underlined emphasis of your individuality. For that we stand with our history, our persons and our name. And with us, our complete team. Challenge our word!

Your "feeling good" in all these aspects is important to us. Only if you are satisfied, we dare calling it a good "partnership". Looking forward to that!

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Villa Bella, Munich, Germany Profile Details

Personal Guiding
As an exclusive and individual specialty at the VILLA BELLA we are proud to offer our Personal Guiding to you

It consists of the following:

  • Professional, individual, and discreet guidance through the whole process of treatment - before, while, and after. In case this meets your demand.
  • Beneath (or alternatively even without) a medical consultation simply an open exchange with you.
  • Even in your home setting, if you prefer. To even better understand you, being able to listen to you, focus on your thoughts and desires.
  • Support and advice for your choice of accomodation while the treatment period (if desired), special arrangements to your widh, organization of your "daily business" during the time period where you will be "offline"...
  • Chauffeur-Service to your treatment dates, either with your car, one of ours, or should it be your personal dream-car?
  • Wholistic natural relaxation and massage
  • And should it be ever so unusual - we will go the extra mile for you around your stay at the VILLA BELLA. Let us be creative for your perfect well-being!

For we are happy and honored that you trust yourself into our hands. And we would like to accompany you on your way to an improved self-perception and quality of life. With your personality being the focus of our attention and our service.

Our aim is your complete and utmost satisfaction!

We call it "Personal Guiding".

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Villa Bella Treatments Offered

Aren't you looking for a smoother, tighter facial appearance while still looking naturally?

Laser treatment – no visible incisions
Revolutionary new procedure, has already proven very successful in the US, following FDA approval
Will let you appear 8-10 years younger, without having to tolerate the risks of a traditional surgical procedure like scars, haematoma, hair loss, or facial nerve impairment
Decisively less expensive, compared to a conventional operation

The combination of a Total Resurfacing Laser with a fractional Erbium:YAG-Laser, put together into the SCITON CONTOUR Laser Platform System, is tremendously successful applied in North America for quite some years already. Wrinkles and creases, dyspigmentation marks, facial tightening - it deals with a wide range of indications.

After more than 100 treated patients, we know that this revolutionary laser system can effectively replace an operative facelift in the majority of patients that were formerly asking for facial tightening.

As the country's first and exclusive provider of this procedure, we will further on function as the National Study and Training Center for an ongoing scientific evaluation of the technique, as well as for training purposes for medical personnel intending to install the procedure. We would like to see this as a further proof of the technological advantage we are proud to put at your service.

Treatment of Wrinkles
Wrinkles are a natural component of human life.
They arise due to changes amongst the different skin layers. The upper skin layer grows thinner and loses its water storage capacity. The connective tissue below starts shrinking, which finally ends up in wrinkle formation.

Unfortunately, wrinkles not necessarily underline person's individuality. Very often a person's "felt" age does not equal to the "objective" age of the skin. Wrinkles can simply make a face look older.

In our days fortunately it's no God-given law to accept these signs of aging. Even with nonoperative treatment methods, there are possibilities to effectively rejuvenate the skin.

This expression tries to circumscribe methods taking care of decelerating or even stopping the biological process of the aging of the skin.

Today we can identify multiple, sometimes amazing improvements in the area of nonoperative techniques, the so-called "non-surgicals". There are skills, techniques, pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and an enhanced knowledge about cosmetics and nutrition at our disposal which we would like to introduce to you. Also, we would appreciate to make them available to you, if you desire to do so.

Wrinkles – Beauty as an Expression
Wrinkles – nature's traces of experience, spirit and expression – they represent the individual personality and character. However, when we critically observe ourselves in a mirror, there are some "bad guys" giving us a tired and exhausted appearance.

As each human being is different, a precise analysis for each person is necessary as only this would allow a focused therapy.

The following range of methods depicts a variety of anti-wrinkle treatments:

Botulinum Toxin – Botox®/Vistabel® - Relaxed Tension
This pharmaceutical agent is the worldwide most frequently used anti-wrinkle treatment. Its security and reliability in experienced hands is famous. Botox® works for face wrinkles caused by constricted muscles, e.g. forehead creases, furrows, eye wrinkles, decolletée, and other parts.

Therapeutically, by this method of treatment tension headache and migraine can also be eased. The treatment should be repeated after appx. 4 to 6 months in order to create consistent results.

Wrinkle Treatment by Injection with Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid is a low-risk body fluid component. In fact, it's a poly-sugar molecule used for stabilizing different layers of the skin and the connective tissue underlying the skin surface. Body fat can also be harvested from elsewhere on the body, and be injected below the skin, remaining there permanently. This procedure is called "Lipotransfer".

Since this is fatty tissue taken from your own body, there will be no rejection, as well as a durable result and a high degree of biological acceptance.

Take a look at the different treatment opportunities we are offering in this area. Based on an individualized assessment, we can also individually outline, discuss, and create opportunities, advisable techniques, chances or risks.

Blepharoplasty/Eyelid Tightening
The Catch Of Beauty...
The eyes are the window to our soul...

Just within a few seconds they create a remaining impression. Your looks tell, reveal, and hide. The blink of an eye can be dulled through influences like exhaustion, stress factors, smoking and sunlight.

During the aging process, the skin above and below the eye will start wearing out, the buoyancy reduces, and additional fatty tissue, especially at the lower eyelids, can lead to retracted lids and tear bag formation.

You want to freshen up your "tired view" and reattain the feeling of "good looks", VILLA BELLA's team will be able to introduce different possibilities, customized to your needs..

Facial Remodelling & Contouring
Facial Remodelling with Lipotransfer (own body fat)

The aging process of the upper skin layers causes a reduction of fatty tissue below the skin surface, whereby muscles and bones can be loomed. An edgy and hardened expression can be the result. Your aura changes; you won’t be content with your mirror’s image...

Modern maxillofacial surgery offers well established and at the same time promising approaches countering these negative effects.

Facial remodelling, highlighting selected areas of bony depression, e.g. by means of Lipotransfer, can add new projection and expression to your face, and hereby create a new well being.

Facial Contouring with Onlays
Throughout the times high cheekbones have been an indicator for beauty and attractiveness in both, men and women. By elevating your cheekbones you cannot only enhance your attractiveness, but also reduce and tighten eye wrinkles and tear bags.

Nobody would reasonably consider an operation as the first step of facial tightening. Especially with a multitude of increasingly effective non-invasive treatment techniques available. Still: if adequate, and where necessary, the operative approach represents a well established and very effective treatment modality.

The extent of skin tightening with the operative approach still is unsurpassed by any other non-invasive technique known to us. Moreover is the durability well maintained over the years, if performed properly.

In addition to that, the subdivision of the face into three so-called "aesthetical units" (forehead, midface, and neck) enables a fine tuned and precisely "tailored" planning as well as execution.

Over the years, facelift techniques have been refined constantly, so that we now at the same time can give you the desired results as well as a high degree of safety, while minimizing the risks of the operation

The wish for full, nicely contoured, and sensual lips is a very common one.

If it's only a slight, almost invisible correction of the edges, to underline and enhance an otherwise flat contour, or to generally add more volume to your lips.

Well, it's also very common that we are being confronted with a lot of hesitation, even fear of an unnaturally appearing disfiguration.

We therefore focus extremly onto the preservation of your natural appearance. Thus, we only and exclusively apply derivatives of bio-degradeable Hyaluronic Acid. Being a naturally synthetized molecule, which is abundant in the human skin, it optimally suits the demand for durability, elasticity, and flexibility.

Under these circumstances, we think along the lines of "less is more", to safely prevent any over-correction.

Otoplasty/Ear tightening
"Flapping Ears" unfortunately indicate a mild form of bodily deviation from what we regard to be "normal".

Not only children but also adults can suffer from enormous and stressful psychological exposure.

"Flapping Ears" are due to the ear cartilage having grown too massively and hard, finally leading to concavity. However, it is possible to correct this excessive amount of cartilage tissue by surgically weakening and thinning it below the anterior skin surface of the ear. In experienced hands, there won´t be any visible scars. We will be happy to inform you if this could be suitable for you.

Operation of the Female Breast
Below you will find detailed information concerning the variety of treatments of the female breast to be conducted at VILLA BELLA.

Breast Enlargement
Why in the first case is a woman interested in something like this? There is of course a wide variety of reasons, however, almost always it all comes down to one single wish: in that very beautiful, sensitive and indisputably female way they want to feel attractive (again?). Let us introduce you to the most popular method to do so:

A two inch-long cut is conducted in the area of the lower breast crease. From here, an implant (nowadays mostly consisting of silicone gel) is inserted into a surgically created "pocket" either below or above the pectoralis muscle. This technique is by far the most well established, most commonly used, and at the same time most conveniently bears the lowest risk. Especially when the new contour of the breast should not be overly emphasized.

The desire of a natural and not "operated-on-looking" appearance is perfectly understandable. We will discuss all details of a potential treatment with you, and will be happy to explain the individual process of selecting your future size, form and hereby technique of enlargement.

Breast Reduction
Breast reduction can prove to be necessary even in the case of young women. Heavy and sometimes oversized breasts unfortunately often are responsible for severe backaches and painful muscular tension. Those heavy and excessively big breasts can cause both psychological and bodily tortures.

Depending on your breast type and situation there are different techniques you can benefit from: while lifting or streamlining the breast, only the skin and not the gland and fatty tissue is reduced. In addition to that the position of the nipple-areola-complex will be moved up, back to where it came from.

During a breast reduction the heavy and voluminous breast tissue will also be reduced and additionally the breast will be moved up and streamlined as described above.

All forms of operative treatments for this purpose leave a scar around the reduced and transferred nipple-areola-complex, stretching vertically from there down to the lower breast crease. Unfortunately, health insurance companies do see their responsibility to reimburse you for this correction in less and less cases. In general, from their side it's mostly not regarded as a medical necessity…

Due to medical reasons breast reduction will only be operated in an in-patient fashion. We would be happy to inform you about the most advisable technique during a non-committal consultation.

Breast Lift
Depending on age, following pregnancy/-ies, or after having undergone decisive weight changes, the fatty tissue as one of the breast components vanishes and the breast, especially following repeated periods of breast feeding, starts sagging.

With close regard to the individual situation there are different operative techniques which can be applied. Addressing one commonly asked question of our patients, one has to state that the pectoralis muscle below the breast can be stimulated and trained. However, this muscle does not influence the appearance of the breast. On the contrary: the form of the breast almost exclusively depends on the consistency of your skin and the tissue of the mammary gland itself. A well-trained and voluminous muscle unfortunately exposes a sagging, badly filled breast even more.

When the breast tissue is still present in a decent amount, and it only appears to be a little bit flabby, restructuring of the breast contour can be achieved by application of a breast implant, leaving nearly no scars. For details please refer to chapter "Breast Enlargement". Due to your individual setting, a breast lift can be conducted. Additionally, but not necessarily, this can be combined with a breast implant. Depending on the quantity of breast tissue, elasticity of skin and consideration of the desired cup size in many cases one can refrain from inserting an implant.

Operation/Reduction of the Male Breast
Approximately 30 to 50% of all men suffer from enlarged breasts. The so-called "gynaecomastia" (Greek: women's breasts) represents a benign single- or double-sided enlargement of the male mammary gland, caused by either an increased storage of fatty tissue in the breast area, or, alternatively an enlargement of the more fibrous glandular tissue fraction.

Also hormonal disorders, obesity, alcohol, or medications like Cortisone or anabolic agents may cause an enlargement of the mammary gland. Gynaecomastia often starts at early stages during the natural "hormonal turbulences" in puberty.

Before deciding on an operation, an examination of the hormonal situation is highly advisable. Suitable laboratory or radiological examinations will be coordinated and performed by your family physician.

Depending on the outcome, we would most commonly advise you to undergo liposuction, e.g. PAL (power assisted liposuction). For most patients this method will satisfactory lead to desired effects with at the same time minimal invasiveness.

Only in very distinct cases an additional glandular reduction, sometimes combined with a resection of the excessive amount of skin, will prove to be necessary, whereby the scar will be positioned just on the border between the skin and the more intensively coloured nipple-areola-complex, thus camouflaging the surgical approach.

Tightening of the Upper Arms
Due to continuous reduction of elasticity of the connective tissue caused by aging, or due to the effects of significant weight reduction, one can encounter an excessive amount of spare skin especially on the upper arms. This unfortunately appears to be strikingly evident when wearing clothes without sleeves.

Applying the technique of operative (and with brand-new laser technology as well non-operative!) skin tightening, this unattractive appearance can be favourably influenced.

It will be the task of an individual consultation to figure out which method will prove best for your needs. We would be happy to be at your disposition for such an evaluation, and we are confident to be able to hereby clarify your individual approach

Hand Remodelling
During the process of increasing age, or even caused by certain life habits, nutrition, and medication, reduction of the fatty tissue below the skin surface in the area of the back of hand can be observed. Muscular and bony structures will become visible. Consequently, the hand starts looking bony, fragile, and "somewhat unhealthy and old", as many patients use to describe it to us.

Aesthetically this can be influenced by professional hand modelling, e.g. by means of Lipotransfer (insertion of own body fat into the folds and creases) which can create the looks of a rejuvenating cure. Also, the skin´s age marks can be removed with the application of the most sophisticated laser technique available on the market.

Tummy Tuck (Tightening of the Abdominal Wall)
You are familiar with the problem: genetic or inherited predispositions very often can result in fatty deposits in undesired amounts in even more undesired places... They strikingly affect appearance as well as aesthetic proportions of both, men and women.

In case of female patients, following (multiple) pregnancies or a significant weight reduction, muscular structures of the abdominal wall can be stretched over their elasticity limits, and thus being worn out, sagging, and having lost their tension. Due to these effects the abdominal wall arches, and very often surplus abdominal skin is seen to be sagging over its natural borders – a very unsatisfactory perception of the patient will be the consequence, often leading to even psychological impairment. You don’t even want to show this to your partner, let alone exposing it for example at the beach.

VILLA BELLA´s team is prepared to deal with that: when tightening the abdominal wall the excessive and flabby skin below the belly button will be removed. Sometimes, if necessary, combined with the suturing of the underlying muscular structures, thus re-establishing the tonus of the abdominal wall. During this procedure, the form of the belly button can also be altered, if wanted. Finally a flat and taut abdomen reappears.

Since this is necessarily a surgical procedure, there has to be a scar. We usually place it in the area of a cesarean section, and it will be individually adapted to your preferred style of underwear and swimwear in order to achieve the best possible camouflage.

Liposuction is successfully performed with sometimes strikingly favourable results for body contouring purposes. This procedure is in routine clinical use since decades already, and it’s one of the most frequently applied aesthetic surgery treatments worldwide. One reason is, as already stressed, that an impressive change of the body´s contour can be achieved whereby scars appear very tiny and nearly invisible.

Fatty depots can be distributed all over the body - the affected feels unfavourably proportioned, unsafe to the eye of the examining bystander, sometimes even psychologically insecure, and this often shows to the outside.

The most frequently affected areas on the female body are the hips and thighs, buttocks, knees, and abdomen. More seldomly to be seen are areas of excessive subcutaneous fat on the calves, upper arms, face and neck.

In male patients these undesired accumulations of fat are most commonly found in the area of the abdomen, waist, breast and chin.

And, once again, we have to underline one important thing: liposuction is an operation! Each person involved, you as well as us, should take this seriously. It requires the highest level of sterility during the course of the operation, and in addition to that the supervision of your well-being during and after the operation will be performed by our well experienced anesthesiologist.

Please consider the widespread area of subcutaneous wound healing your body has to cope with after the operation, and be sure to plan ahead a suitable time frame for recovery.

Weight Management/Gastric Balloon
You live a busy life?

You don't really find time for your regular sports anymore? Instead, you find yourself sitting in the plane, in the cab, at your desk, and in the evening at your favourite Italian restaurant for a business dinner.

And it really drives you mad that the pounds you have been gathering meanwhile changed your suit size? Did you actually say Good-bye to your ideal weight? Did you give up?

Well, you're apparently not alone: a WHO-study tells us that by 2010 in industrialized coutries every 5th person (regardless of age) will be heavily overweight. That's more than 16 Million people only in this country!

We realize this growing demand, and are proud to introduce Dr. Reinhold Lang to you. He heads the Dept. for Surgical Endoscopy at Munich University Hospital, and being a pro in the field of endoscopic procedures, he is specialized on the non-operative introduction of gastric balloons.

This highly sophisticated device can stay in your stomach for 6-12 months, and a reduction of 20 up to 35 kg can realistically be achieved.

The furthermore prevent the infamous "JoJo-Effect", and to achieve a maximum efficient as well as long-lasting weight-reduction, we further include our dietician, Ms Elke Rauer, and our Personal Trainer and Coach, Ms Barbara Luigs into the process.

Well, if you really do care about your weight, if your overweight situation indeed bothers, angers, or even frightens you, we have something in shop for you. Please feel free to contact us to elucidate things in detail to come to a healthy, efficient, and long-lasting solution for this problem.

Buttock Enhancement
Do your buttocks appear to be too flat?
Not only very petite patients wonder if this is the case.

Interestingly this proves to be a major concern for male patients who otherwise appear in a well trained muscular shape. A flat buttock appears unfavourably broad, thus afflicting the proportion in an area where men and women pay a lot of attention to. However, by deploying specially formed buttock implants, comparable in style and material to silicone implants of the breast and therefore well established and secure, this contour can favourably be influenced.

A desirable "apple-shaped" buttock can be the result.

Eventually sagging skin will be "filled" again from below, thus creating a more vital, more sportive and "simply sexy" feeling.

Intimate Corrections
Pubic Mound Correction

Hormonal changes during the climacteric period or obesity in men as well as women are the most frequent reasons for a thickened pubic mound – too much subcutaneous fat has been accumulated.

The reduction is easily performed by liposuction of the excessive fatty tissue. In some cases it will prove to be necessary to combine the liposuction with a tightening of the skin, hereby removing an excessive amount of locally extended skin tissue. In connection with sometimes a tummy tuck the lower abdomen will appear flat, taut and attractive again.

We would be glad to be at your disposition for a noncommittal consultation.

Correction of the Labia
Perfectly proportioned inner labia are barely covered by the outer labia. When the inner labia appear to be extruding, they are potentially to be seen while wearing sports clothes or a bathing suit, and can afflict the bearer’s comfort decisively. Let alone mechanical irritation while biking, running or simply wearing tight pants.

In some of the cases known to us, this can ultimately lead to extraordinary irritation and eventually to a negatively afflicted intimate perception.

General/Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
Besides all the aesthetic procedures, we at the VILLA BELLA also perform a number of interventions we have put together under the title of "General Plastic Surgery".

That means surgery to the hand as well as the treatment of skin-anomalies, moles, scars, but also the secondary treatment of burns.

As a result of our year-long expertise in the field of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, we are happy to put this level of expertise to your disposition.

Please do not hesitate to involve us into your questions referring to one of those indications for treatment.

Surgery to the Hand
Throughout the course of life, painful alterations can happen to one of our most important and most used organs, our hand. This can ultimately lead to serious implications or even impairments for our daily life. The so called "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" is a rather frequent example for such an impairment. Others being ganglia, "snapping fingers", or different forms of benign tumors.

In all of these cases we put our year-long expertise and special operative techniques to work to restore the function of your hand, as well to relieve you from pain associated with these impairments.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
This frequent disease identifies itself most oftenly through nightly pain and a numb feeling, mostly in the first three fingers. Reason for this is the narrowed passageway for one of the nerves leading to the handd on the inner side of your wrist.

An incision of the tendinous "roof" of this nerve relieves it from external pressure, and immediately restores a pain-free status and full function.

The procedure can be performed in local as well as regional anaesthesia.

Your ability to work is mostly restored after app. 14 days.

Dupuytren's Disease
It's basically a formation of a hypertrophic scar tissue around the tendons, nerves, and vessels of the inner hand. Ultimately, it leads to an involuntarily fixed flexion of single or multiple fingers.

During the operation, under utmost care the scar tissue is being removed from those structures vital to the mobility of the handIf or if not an operation seems to be necessary and appropriate for you can only be determined in a personal examination.

Following the operation, you'll be wearing a plaster-cast for about a week, followed by intensified physical therapy.

Your ability to work will be restored after app. 14 days.

Snapping Finger
A thickening of one of the flexor tendons, and a consequently impaired passage through some of the medial ring-shaped finger tendons leads to the phenomenon of a "snapping finger".

In most of the cases, your thumbs or the ringfinger is involved.

Immediately above the place of narrowed passage, a small incision of only 5 mm can be performeed unter local anaesthesia, splitting the thickened band, and thus opening the passageway, so that the flexor tendon can move smoothly again.

You are allowed to move the finger freely immediately after the procedure.

Back to work is after app. 10 days.

They are to be found mostly at the dorsal (outer) portion of wrist and fingers. Underlying reason is an expansion of the joint capsule. Depending on their size and location, they can be removed in local or regional anaesthesia.

You're back to work after 14 days.

Operative Procedures:

Aesthetically impairing scars following operations, burns, or injuries can lead to a decreased perception of personal health, integrity, and beauty. They furthermore can afflict functional matters, depending on their respective location. Tension, reduced degree of mobility or expansion, often followed by painful movement - all this can successfully dealt with via scar excision, extension techniques like a Z-Plastic, or laser reduction of those scars.

Procedures will mostly be performed under local anaesthesia, and will lead to a decisively improved appearance as well as function of the afflicted area.

Non-operative Procedures:

Some scars (even long time after the original injury) present themselves as thick, bulging, reddish, itching,... We call this biologically still active, and honestly: mostly we don't know where is´t comes from. But we can deal with ist:

Cortisone-Injection, Macrolane (to lift up tissue defects from below), Laser-treatments  - there's a wide range of possibilities to successfully deal with those buggers!

Whatever ist most appropriate for you - don't hesitate to introduce yourself for a close examination, followed by a personalized advice taken out of a wide array of potential solutions.

Put our expertise at your service!

Moles/Naevi/Skin Tumors
Moles or areas of dyspigmentation to the skin often afflict our aesthetic perception. Fortunately there is an arsenal of different treatment modalities, operative or not, at our disposition.

Some people furthermore display an increased number of moles which can be bugging not only in an aesthetic sense. Sometimes those moles change in colour or appearance, there could be secretion or other signs of biological activity. This all has to be examined and evaluated thoroughly in order to exclude any degree or potential of malignancy.

Surgical removal of these alterations has to be followed by histological examination.

Most of these procedures can be performed under local anaesthesia, and your ability to work and socialize will not be impaired most oftenly.

Gastric Balloon
You don't really find time for your regular sports anymore? Instead,you find yourself sitting in the plane, in the cab, at your desk, andin the evening at your favourite Italian restaurant for a businessdinner.

Andit really drives you mad that the pounds you have been gatheringmeanwhile changed your suit size? Did you actually say Good-bye to yourideal weight? Did you give up?

Well,you're apparently not alone: a WHO-study tells us that by 2010 inindustrialized coutries every 5th person (regardless of age) will beheavily overweight. That's more than 16 Million people only in thiscountry!

We realize this growing demand, and are proud tointroduce Dr. Reinhold Lang to you. He heads the Dept. for SurgicalEndoscopy at Munich University Hospital, and being a pro in the fieldof endoscopic procedures, he is specialized on the non-operativeintroduction of gastric balloons.

This highly sophisticateddevice can stay in your stomach for 6-12 months, and a reduction of 20up to 35 kg can realistically be achieved.

The furthermoreprevent the infamous "JoJo-Effect", and to achieve a maximum efficientas well as long-lasting weight-reduction, we further include ourdietician, Ms Elke Rauer, and our Personal Trainer and Coach, MsBarbara Luigs into the process.

Well, if you really docare about your weight, if your overweight situation indeed bothers,angers, or even frightens you, we have something in shop for you.Please feel free to contact us to elucidate things in detail to come toa healthy, efficient, and long-lasting solution for this problem.






Aesthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry
Annette Jasper DMD
Dr. Jasper's dental clinic is conveniently located in the very heart of the city center at the “Stachus” square with immediate connection to the underground and suburban train system just below.

In the course of the last years, Dr. Jasper has successfully established a center for dental aesthetics as well as for the functional analysis of teeth, jaws, and the mandibular joint. Her vast experience in these areas fit perfectly into the spectra of VILLA BELLA's focus on facial aesthetics.

Dr. med. Luis Antonio da Silva Jäger
Board Certified Anaesthesiologist and Internist

You thought, Brasilians were merely beautiful? Well, think again! Some of them are even excellent and sharp. So go ahaead and meet Dr. daSilva-Jaeger, our anaesthesiological specialist.

Dr. daSilva has been working for a long time as part of the Dept. of Anaesthesiology at Grosshadern Medical Center, University of Munich. He has been in charge of the liver-transolant unit for quite some time. That means critically ill patients, large-scale operations, high risk, the works.

And in the midst of it a sympathetic, funny, outgoing, and hardcore working professional, who you can trust.

We at the VILLA BELLA are happy to have him on board. We share friendly contacts on a human as well as professional basis, and we are happy that he is the one to care for your vital needs.

So feel yourself reminded to one of our sayings, which goes:  You better sleep with an Anaesthesiologist!

Dr./IMF Bukarest Christa-Monika Tichy
Anaesthesiologist at the Gaertner-Klinik, our cooperating private hospital

Sibylle Eberle MD
With increasing age, the appaerance of our hair changes decisively. In women as well as men. Underlying reasons for this are mostly inherited factors, or the increased influence of male hormonal influence.

Male patients do often interpret their receding hairline as a sign of the ageing process. They furthermore suffer under an ageing perception when the appearance of their hair does not fit adequately to their numerical age.

In cases of female patients, genetic hair loss often occurs throughout the "middle ages". It normally occurs on the top of the head. Also following injuries or operations, scars can show off with a lack of hair coverage.

Since in most of those cases a pharmaceutic therapy does not lead to the desired results, hereby afflicted patients suffer under a considerable psychological involvement.

Only a hair-transplant onto those areas of hair loss can lead to life-long hair-growth as desired. The principle hereby being the translocation of parts of your own hair bearing areas to those areas afflicted by hair loss.

If you are suffering under hair loss, we therefore recommend you talk to Munich's topmost experienced specialist in this field, Dr. Sibylle Eberle. After serving her time at the Surgical Department of Grosshadern Medical Center, Munich University, she specialized in the field of micro-hair transplantation already in 1991. She has since performed more than 2,000 hair transplantations, and that makes her one of the most experienced specialists in that field worldwide. It also demonstrates the success rate of her work, thus underlining her expert status even more.

Dr. Eberle functions also as Presidial Member of the Board of German Hair Surgeons, and keeps also her membership with the German National Society of Surgeons.

Individual Dietetic Consultation at the VILLA BELLA
Ms Elke Rauer
Following a schedule implemented exclusively for your personal needs, Ms Rauer will re-evaluate as well as reform your personal way of diet according to the rules of Metabolic Balance.

Your way through the process, your proceedings and developments will be recorded on an at least two-weekly basis. you can choose between individual sessions or small groups of patients like you.

In addition to this, you will receive the guidance and evaluation of a Personal Trainer whose intention it will be to elaborate a customized training and fitness-programm, adapted to your lifestyle and schedule.

Even after having achieved your desired weight, Ms Rauer will be at your disposition to follow up upon your future development, to effectively prevent the infamous JoJo-effect.

Ms Rauer is looking forward to accompany you, in cooperation with the VILLA BELLA team, on a passage towards a healthier, more energetic and more vital lifestyle.

Gynecology/Female Anti-Aging
Wolf Bleichrodt MD
Dr. Bleichrodt – the doctor who the ladies trust...

You're smiling? Well, go ahead and meet him, and you won't find yourself watching any early evening doctor-soaps anymore!

Dr. Bleichrodt as one of the most distinguished and reputed gynaecologists in Munich boasts a year-long experience and expertise in all fields of female health. With a subspecialization in fertility-treatment, and in the area of female anti-aging.

Being one of the founding fathers and main promoters of the GSAAM (German Society for Anti Aging Medicine - Deutsche Anti Aging Gesellschaft) there will be few with more expertise in this respective area.

We are proud to have Dr. Bleichrodt on board, adding his expertise in this increasingly important and much asked for field to the spectra of specialties at the VILLA BELLA. In perfect combination with all our colleagues of the different accompanying subspecialties.

Have you also found yourself getting mad about the sentence "Women get older, men get more interesting"? Well, then we propose you schedule an appointment with Dr. Bleichrodt.

Experience the cosmetic touch!
It is one of the greatest gifts for man, to bring life and motion to other human beings, and by this - giving them wings.

A touch offers you the possibility to even loosen up deep blockages inside yourself. And you won't believe it - it shows! A radiant and relaxed fecial expression will give you proof of this.

Ms Wolf-Bauer's touch will restore your balance and hence will provede you with a strength that comes from within. Your impression will be a healthier, fresher, and younger one - and you'll be the one to appreciate that most!

  • For Her and Him
  • Your skin, the largest organ of your body, will be spoilt and pampered by her throughout the change of the seasons
  • Let her do an individual make-up that fits to your type of expression
  • Patients following laser interventions to the face will be effectively camouflaged by her
    "Cosmetics School" - Pure Nature or Haute Couture

Erleben Sie sportliche Individualität!
Ms Barbara Luigs, Personal Trainer and Coach
You would like to promote your health, but you're desperately out of time?

You would like to effectively, long-lastingly, but also healthily reduce your weight?

Your last endurance-training is ages ago, and your muscles haven't been put to work properly for a long time also?

Instead of sweating at the studio, let your Personal Trainer come to your office, to your home, or meet her in God's own nature - no contracts attached...

Flexibility, competent and individual consultation, efficacy, discretion, and the power of motivation - all these are essential advantages of a Personal Training compared to a studio or a sports club.

Highly effective training programs adapt to your realistic goals, and to your personal time-planner as well! And it all adds up to an increased level of fitness and strength.

An individually tailored training schedule, sensitivity for your needs and abilities, a wholistic approach for motion, strength, endurance, back-training, and consultation in all matters of health - they all will lead you to:

  • Controlled weight reduction in cooperation with the dieatician and the doctor
  • Future enhancement of your life quality, and stress reduction
  • You determine where and when to train. I as your Personal Trainer will be exclusively at your disposition according to your personal schedule. Thus, you will be able to create an efficient, motivating, and time- and location-independent training setting.

Your Coach for Questions of Colour, Style, and Image
Linnemann Stylistic and Image-Consultation
After having finished her studies on History of Arts, Italian and Classic Archeology as wel as Marketing, Ms Linnemann started out with her professional career in the field of advertising for different branches. She had moved up to Head, Dept. for Advertising and Company-Communications at Munich International Fairs.

Always fond to the creative sector, with her year-long experience in advertising and marketing, she finally managed to realize her faible for fashion and styling.

Her time in Florence proved to be mainly influential for this. She there developed an unmistaking sense of colour, fashion, and lifestyle.

You will be able to receive individual guidance and consultation on the following issues:

  • Individual Types
  • colour Analysis
  • Personal Shopping
  • Wardrobe-Check
  • Consultation for Business-Customers

Additional Partners

  • NMC Specialty Hospital - Abu Dhabi
  • German Bank for Pharmacists and Medical Doctors, Munich branch
  • BMW - South-Munich branch
  • Etihad Airlinies - German branch
  • Merz
  • Gothaer general agency - Ahlen

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Villa Bella Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder"


Ludger JM Meyer MD
Ludger Meyer is a specialist for Surgery and Plastic Surgery. During the last years he could prove his continious success as Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Parkklinik München-Grünwald (Munich, Germany) and Salzburg (Austria) as well as in different leading clinical positions at university hospitals (Munich and Münster) or in private hospitals.

Operative and non-operative Qualifications:

  • Certificate in "Emergency Medicine", Bavarian State Board of Physicians
  • Certificate in "Minimal Invasive Surgery", Germany National Board of Surgeons
  • Certificate on "Applied Laseroptical Medicine", The Center for Lasers in Medicine, Berlin Free University
  • Certificate in "Clinical Applications of Ultrasound Techniques, Basic and Advanced", German National
  • Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (DEGUM)
  • Experimental Microsurgery


  • German National Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (DGPRAC/VDPC)
  • German National Board of Surgeons
  • European Tissue Repair Society ETRS
  • German National Society for the Treatment of Wounds DGfW
  • German Hospice Foundation
  • German Atlantic Society
  • Bavarian State of Board of Physicians
  • Austrian National Board of Physicians, Salzburg
  • National Medical Board of Plastic Surgeons United Arab Emirates.


  • Numerous published papers on clinical and experimental studies in well reputed international (US-American) and national medical journals
  • Regular lectures on national and international Plastic Surgery Conferences

Head of a research laboratory throughout my clinical years at the university hospitals of the ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, and the Westphalian Wilhelms-University, Muenster. Research Topics: "Pathophysiology of Wound Healing and Scar Formation", "Biochemical Mechanisms of Keloid-Formation", and "Invasive and Infiltrative Behavior of Malignant Tumors"


  • 2000 Annual Research Award of the Walter Schulz Foundation at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
  • 1998 "Best Lecture Award", American Society for Abdominal Surgery, Atlantic City, USA

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 2007: Head of Plastic Surgery, Villa Bella, Munich
  • 2005-2007
    Medical Director and Head of Plastic Surgery, Parkklinik Munich-Grunwald and Salzburg
  • 2004-2005
    Medical Director and head of Plastic Surgery, Neutor-Klinik Bocholt
  • 2003-2004
    Assistant Head of the Dept. of Plastic Surgery and Surgery to the Face and Hand, Fachklinik Hornheide, Westphalian Wilhelms-University, muenster
  • July 1993 - Dec 2002
    Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Grosshadern Medical Center, Dept, of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery
  • Jan 1992- June 1993
    Research grant of the German National Research Society (DFG)
    University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, Dept of Experimental Pathology/Pediatric Surgery: "Pathophysiology of Scar-free wound healing"
  • May 1990 - Dec 1991
    Pediatric Surgery, EKO Oberhausen, Medical Faculty of Essen University
  • Aug 1989 - April 1990
    Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery, Paderborn
  • 1987-1989
    Military Service as Staff Surgeons, Cuxhaven



  • Erika Fölling - Head OR-Nurse
  • Friederike Müller - Personal Guiding

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Villa Bella Awards & Recognitions

  • Maxim, February 2009, "Challenging your Age", pp.116-118
  • ELLE, January 2009, "The V-Factor"
  • FiveToNine, December 2008, "Super-charged"
  • Diner's Club Magazine, December 2008, "The youthful look - Lifting without scalpel"
  • Clebrity Style, November 2008, "Recipes for Youth"
  • Beauty and Style, October 2008, "VILLA BELLA - Soft Corrections for your Beauty"
  • Lake Starnberg Magazine, Winter 2008/09, "Younger - but staying I myself!"
  • VOGUE Beauty, October 2008, "Winter Spa"
  • B-Young, Fall 2008, "Shaping your Body - Macrolane: the soft way for more volume"
  • Salzburg Lady, August 2008, "Facelift without Knife"


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