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Bio Care Hospital & Health Center Located at
, Tijuana, Mexico.
Phone: +1-303-500-3821 The most advanced integrative medical center offering the best choices… integrative and individualized programs for cancer patients, multiple sclerosis, immunological disorders, hormonal imbalance and chronic degenerative diseases. Age ManagementAlternative MedicineAnti AgingAnti-AgingCancer TreatmentChronic DiseasesDetoxExecutive HealthcheckGeneral MedicineGeneral SurgeryHerbal TreatmentLaparoscopic SurgeryMedical Spa TreatmentNatural TherapiesOthersPsychiatryRehabilitationWeight Loss Program

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Bio Care Hospital & Health Center : Tomorrow’s medicine… here today
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Contact Information:
Bio Care Hospital & Health Center
+1 (303) 500-3821

Tijuana, Mexico 
Bio Care Hospital | Integrative Medicine Clinic | Alternative Cancer Treatment Hospitals | Live Cell Therapy | Anti Aging Center | Lupus | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Autoimmune Degenerative Disease | Hepatitis Therapy Program | Rejuvenation & Antiaging Program | Tijuana, Mexico

Welcome to International Bio Care Hospital and Medical Center

The most advanced integrative medical center offering the best choices… integrative and individualized programs for cancer patients, multiple sclerosis, immunological disorders, hormonal imbalance and chronic degenerative diseases.

Bio Care Treatment Approach:

  1. The uniquely individual biochemistry of the patient.
  2. The development of treatment programs (protocols) taking this unique individualized biochemistry into account.
  3. A multifactorial, integrative, succesive, restorative approach aiming at:
    • Detoxification and dietary adjustment.
    • Balancing of the neuro-endocrinological (hormonal) systems.
    • Regulation and restoration of the various components of the immune defense system.
    • An all-out attack on pathogens with the fullest possible range of modalities with an emphasis on natural, non-toxic methods.
    • Exhaustive review of dental health to ensure the absence of infectious foci and the presence of mercury amalgams and other potentially toxic materials.
    • Fostering of a healing psychological milieu.

Bio Care Treatments
Bio Care is the home of many breakthrough therapies that were researched and developed to safe and effective levels never before achieved.

  • Integrative medicine for Cancer Treatment
  • Hyperthermia, Lyme Disease
  • Autoimmune Degenerative Disease: Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and related conditions
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Hepatitis Therapy Program
  • Rejuvenation & Antiaging Program

Bio Care Therapies

  • Nutritional Medicine
  • Detoxification/Colon Therapy
  • Comprehensive Antioxidant Therapies
  • Live Cell Therapy
  • Laetrile Therapy
  • Edta Chelation Treatments
  • Acupuncture & Acupressure
  • Bioelectrical Repolarization
  • Autologous Dendritic Cell Vaccines
  • Whole Body Hyperthermia
  • Advanced Oxidative Therapies

Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez MD. Medical Director and Co-founder
Dr. Rodriguez is an internationally acclaimed and widely respected physician with a successful academic career, and many research papers, symposia and conferences in his curriculum. He decided a quarter century ago to enter the field of nutritional, immune and integrative therapies.

With post-graduate studies in the US, Canada and Germany he has researched, implemented and pioneered modalities that are now becoming standard therapies. He is one of the most recognized experts in the integrative medicine wold and has devoted his time and experience to bringing together advanced and high-tech medical achievements.

With a professional bilingual staff at all levels, from medical to nursing, from administra- tive to transportation, we all strive to create a caring and nurturing environment for the patient. IBC Hospital has accumulated for over 25 years the experience and know-how to implement and successfully manage one of the major integrative health centers in the world.

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