How to create a compeling treatment package?

Many doctors like to say that there is no need to create a compelling treatment package or any marketing strategy, because everyone needs a doctor. This might be true, but if you would love to expand your business further and take the benefits of medical tourism, you need to have a different approach. Furthermore, the competition is rising and getting stronger in this field, so it is essential that every clinic has something great to offer. Without offering an attractive package to your potential patients, your network won’t grow, and the competition will be taking over the industry.

This is rising many questions with the main one being: Why are treatment packages important for me? And more importantly, how can my business benefit from them?

When a patient is considering traveling abroad for a treatment, except the treatment cost, we need to keep in mind that the patient will have the additional expenses. They are starting from airfare, transportation to the clinic, hotel accommodation, going to additional medical fees that may arise and ending with the personal expenses. Therefore, the packages come handy for the patients since they can properly plan their medical trip and engage with you quickly. For this reason, the latest statistic done by our team is showing 64% quicker decision-making process for the patient that was reviewing the clinic package.

Patients are simple: they want to have all the information on one place and hence have a full insight in the treatment. No one likes to turn several pages and gather all kind of information, worrying they might have forgotten to include something, like the fact that patients care about the hidden costs that may occur. But if you offer to your potential patients a package that will provide them with the exact price, treatment methods, details about the procedure and some benefits (like having a translator, private rooms, TV in rooms etc), they will always opt for you. You showed them that you think of them.

Having said this, let’s see what is important to know in order to create a treatment package that will attract your patients.

Know your audience

First thing on the to do list is getting to know your audience. You must know where you patients come from, and make sure that the package you offer suits their needs. Be a step ahead of your patients. You know that patients like to do a research of a clinic before they decide where to go. You can do the same, and thus be ready to provide answers before the actual questions. Do a little research yourself. Check the prices in the countries of your patients, check the offers. See what the main reason for customer dissatisfaction is and use it as your advantage.

If, for example, you offer bariatric surgeries, you must target your audience. The message you send must be personalized, so the people who really need your services feel welcomed and special. You won’t address slim and fit people, of course. So, make sure you include phrases that will affect obese people and tickle their mind. That phrase must trigger the desire to undergo a procedure and to chose you as their clinic. If you offer plastic surgeries, age groups are important, as well as the research on who does this kind of procedures more: men or women. 

Concise Offers

There is no need to offer everything you have and mentioning what you do. If you are offering tummy tuck treatment package for example, the patients who need it won’t be interested in the interior design of the premises or how many beds are there. Point out the main services included in the package.

  • What are the medical procedures and what do they include (consultations, analysis, medicines);
  • Is there accommodation provided for the patients;
  • The treatment details;
  • The transfer to/from hospital;
  • The price.

What you can also include is the experience you have in that certain field. Being precise and concise is what is necessary today, and it helps people determine what kind of clinic is the right for them.

Once you have generated the valuable content, it is necessary to share it. The contents should not be left on website. It is useless to have an offer, if nobody can see it. Share it on social networks and through digital media! Internet users like to read more about specialized topics and about topics that have to do with their health. Every offer should be designed as a new and unique one. Patients don’t like repetitions; they like to see something that will make you stand out from the crowd and that is exactly what you need to do.


Honesty and transparency are vital when designing a pricing strategy and creating a range of offers in medical services. Everything is sales psychology. Customers always compare and stay with the option that best fits them. It is a way to position your services and it is crucial when closing sales. That is why packages are useful for your business.

Additional Benefits

The main information that will be important for the patient will include the treatment itself. However, we need to keep in mind that the patients love to visualize the expectations. More importantly, good image or a video will catch more attention that the pure text. Adding the additional graphic such as video testimonial, before & after image or patient testimonial can help you to increase up to 50% engagement.

Our analysis show that most of the patients will have the highest reaction to the packages , thus the highest amount of the request we are getting, its coming from treatment packages. As a global medical tourism platform that is focused on patient education and direct patient – provider communication, we have created over 2000 packages for our partners so far. With the higher vision to provide all-inclusive medical solutions, we are adding more packages daily to help the patients have a memorable experience with our partners.

As the leader in medical tourism industry for more than 12 years, we proudly say that our partners have grown their business internationally through our support team. Would you love to get noticed and promote your treatment packages on our platform? List your clinic!


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