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Health and wellness tourism is also known as medical tourism. Health tourism is generally divided into four separate categories:

  • Elective - cosmetic plastic surgery, fertility, weight loss, and dental procedures and treatments
  • Surgical - cardiac, cancer, orthopedic and neurosurgery procedures and treatments
  • Alternative Medicine - Chinese, or Ayurvedic, homeopathy, or CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) treatments and procedures
  • Wellness - holistic, medical spa treatments, and yoga practices and methodologies

Medical treatment abroad takes advantage of advanced technological services and procedures from medical facilities and healthcare providers around the world. Medical vacations provide consumers with affordable surgery abroad, more choices, and of course, the ultimate in tourist destinations
Rising costs of healthcare in the United States and other industrialized nations around the world has overburdened public healthcare systems and created extremely long wait times. Decreased benefits to employees through health insurance care plans, unavailable quality care, and difficulty accessing health care providers, especially those in the Gulf regions, parts of Asia, and African countries, has increased cross-border medical travel.

Of course, every individual must determine what is best for him or herself. PlacidWay offers consumers affordable treatment abroad options and benefits of medical travel in a multitude of scenarios. It is up to each individual to determine whether or not traveling beyond borders is the solution that will meet personal needs, finances, and desires.

PlacidWay believes that every individual should have a choice in his or her personal health and wellness and should be able to make informed choices and decisions based on reliable and accurate information regarding options for health care, both domestically and abroad.

PlacidWay offers an easy approach to researching and choosing superlative healthcare and treatment abroad. Our three step method offers a one-stop resource for consumers searching for affordable, quality and experienced healthcare providers.

  • Explore options by choosing treatments and destinations from Search PlacidWay
  • Select, research and learn about centers and facilities for fulfilling treatment and destination needs
  • Click request info and receive free quotes directly from facility or facilities of choice

PlacidWay's partners provide leading-edge and innovative healthcare and health tourism services in fields of healthcare such as stem cell treatments, orthopedic procedures, cancer treatments, cardiac surgeries, and obesity and weight loss procedures. PlacidWay and partner organizations focus on customer needs, building trust relationships and creating unique and exceptional experience for medical vacations by offering full service healthcare providers, health tourism facilitators and healthcare options that meet most needs.
PlacidWay focuses on offering consumers high-quality and experienced doctors, surgeons, facilities and hospitals, timely and efficient treatment, affordable prices and compassionate care in all medical fields, including cosmetic and plastic surgery, dental care and vision care.
PlacidWay also focuses on specific treatments, procedures, risks, costs, and issues such as certification and accreditation in all aspects of healthcare for medical treatment abroad. PlacidWay provides full transparency for today's health tourism markets and is committed to being an alternate tool and resource for health tourists.

  • PlacidWay provides content for informational and educational purposes regarding medical tourism destinations, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class surgeons and physicians, medical treatments and procedures.
  • Browse through PlacidWay's website to research providers, treatments, resources, and destinations around the world that meet your health care, travel, and financial needs when it comes to health tourism.
  • Our medical travel resources offer overviews of medical treatments abroad from traditional yoga, Ayurvedic and homeopathic methodologies to high-tech, state-of-the-art treatments and procedures in cardiac, orthopedic, cancer care and stem cell research.
Educational materials such as Articles, press releases, medical tourism industry news, videos and a Consumer Center for study and research are presented to inform consumers about the facts of diseases, treatments and facilities, and locations where you can find the best prices for those treatments.
PlacidWay profiles hospital and clinic facilities, qualifications, training and transparent pricing on healthcare facilities accredited and board-certified by the JCI, ISO, TRENT, CCHSA, ASCHI, and more.
Affordable medical procedures in the fields of dental and eye care, cosmetic surgery, obesity and weight loss programs are found in popular tourist destinations around the globe. So too are high-tech medical care fields such as cardiac care, orthopedics and cancer treatments. Affordable, high-quality health care in world-class settings and medical tourism packages offer consumers the best of the best abroad.

Over 1 million tourists from around the world venture to other countries for medical treatment abroad or for medical vacations. PlacidWay provides information and profiles for medical destinations and facilities in those countries. Countries throughout Asia, such as India, Singapore, Thailand, Korea and Malaysia offer state-of-the-art medical facilities and services, as do locations found in South Africa, Mexico, and Latin American countries such as Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia and Brazil. Travelers from around the world also enjoy new medical travel options in Europe and countries such as Croatia, the Ukraine, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Poland.

PlacidWay carefully researches country destinations in order to offer consumers the benefits of travel to such destinations and affordable medical care facilities for each of those destinations. Costs, availability of specific treatments, options, and arrangements are available through access to PlacidWay's immense and continually growing medical tourism database.

Affordable medical treatment abroad, options, procedures, techniques and surgeries for multitudes of international travelers are available for consumers around the world. PlacidWay compares costs of treatments and procedures to save consumers money without relinquishing quality, expertise or experience.

Yes. PlacidWay offers an easy to use online booking system. Just click the Travel Planning menu and book your entire medical vacation, which includes treatment abroad and medical tourism packages, airfare, car rentals, accommodations in the city and country of your choice as well as connecting you with superlative healthcare providers and facilities. Our travel bookings are powered by TravelNow (, a market leader in Hotel, Car, and Air reservations. Our service is free and is designed to offer medical travel options, destinations, and price quotes to meet most needs.

PlacidWay offers convenient easy-to-understand research and resources to compare, research, and choose medical destinations and healthcare providers from one source, based on up-to-date and relevant information regarding health and wellness services and treatment abroad.

PlacidWay also provides resources for a number of approaches to healthcare, including traditional, elective, and alternative medicine choices for consumers. Our integrative medical approach to PlacidWay also focuses specific treatments, procedures, risks, costs, and issues such as certification and accreditation in all aspects of healthcare for medical treatment abroad. PlacidWay provides full transparency for today's health tourism markets and is committed to being an alternate tool and resource for health tourists.

PlacidWay offers medical treatment abroad customized healthcare options based on individual needs, preferences, and finances.

Your length of stay is determined by your medical condition and the type of procedure you're having. Outpatient procedures may recommend a 3-5 day stay in the country, while others are shorter. More complex surgical, dental or medical treatment procedures may require a longer stay. Based on information in our treatment and procedure details and resources and your proposed doctor's office or facilities recommendation, you can determine an average expected length of stay.


Your ability to travel following a surgical procedure will be based on your medical condition, your overall health and wellness, and your doctor's recommendation. Your healthcare provider is the best one to determine your discharge from his or her care and offer you an indication of when it will be safe to travel.


Before and after you travel abroad for care, request your doctor to coordinate transfer of your relevant medical or health information to your chosen provider. Your provider abroad will also share and transmit information regarding your care, procedure/s, diagnosis and prognosis as well as after-care instructions to your primary health care provider. You may carry your medical care information by hand if you prefer, following your signed written consent or release of information form/s.


PlacidWay does their best to verify facility accreditation by international accrediting associations and organizations like the Joint Commission International not only through information provided by facilities (with documentation of such accreditation) but also by checking with accrediting organizations and associations around the world. We also strive to document information regarding physician and surgeon training, credentials and certifications in all areas of dental and medical care in order to ensure that consumers traveling abroad receive only the best in care and experience.

* PlacidWay also strongly encourages consumers to verify that surgeons, staff and healthcare providers in profiled facilities are board-certified.

Finding information regarding specials, discounts and travel packages on PlacidWay is simple. Log into the Home Page at On the navigation bar near the top of the page, you'll see a link for "Packages". Click it. You can then use the drop-down boxes to choose a treatment, a procedure and a country of preference. Then simply click the Submit button and you'll be taken to a results page. You'll also find top treatment packages for medical travel around the world.


HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations stipulate privacy and confidentiality of identifiable health information in the U.S. Identifiable health information includes data such as name, address, medical record or health insurance account numbers, among others. However, your health information may be transferred to healthcare facilities or providers abroad with your consent or through a Release of Information (RIO) request.*

Note: PlacidWay suggests that you request information from intended or prospective health providers in foreign destinations regarding handling of privacy and confidentiality of your health information in their country.

Yes. Most facility or doctor's profile on PlacidWay offers patient testimonials. If you want further verification of their veracity, contact the provider and request permission for contact between yourself and the former patient/s. You may give your physical or email address to the healthcare provider to facilitate such communication.


Yes. PlacidWay would love to hear from you regarding your treatment abroad questions or concerns. Contact us by clicking the Contact Us link to send us your questions, requests, comments, or feedback regarding medical tourism packages or surgery abroad.