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Best Lasik Surgery in Cygnus Guadalajara Mexico , Guadalajara , Mexico

LASIK is a form of laser refractive surgery that uses a highly particular excimer laser to restructure the eye’s cornea and repair refractive errors including astigmatism, hyperopia (farsightedness), and myopia (nearsightedness). The procedure will take an estimate of 10 minutes per eye. Excimer lasers have the capability to remove (ablate) microscopic amounts of tissue from the cornea's underlying stromal layer with a very high degree of accuracy and without damaging the surrounding corneal tissue.

Best Lasik Surgery Package via Perfect Vision Clinic in Cancun Mexico , Cancun , Mexico

LASIK is a popular acronym that stands for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis.  Simply put, LASIK eye surgery is a refractive surgery that improves eye sight by correcting wide ranges of LASIK vision issues such as farsighted, nearsighted, and astigmatism. The Perfect vision Eye Lasik Surgery Center offers a package for only $1500 USD. This includes surgery for both eyes.

Best Macular Degeneration Treatment in Turkey , Izmir,Istanbul ,

Here is a list of the best hospitals and medical centres in Turkey that offer macular degeneration treatments and surgery. 

Cataract Femtosecond Laser Surgery at Villa Donatello Italy , Florence , Italy

At Villa Donatello, Florence, Italy, you can avail of a Cataract Femtosecond Laser Surgery which only cost $4,600. 

Cataract Surgery in Cancun Mexico , Mexicali , Mexico

Cataract surgery is the only method currently used to treat the symptoms of cataracts. During the procedure, the doctor removes the lens (natural lens of the eye), damaged by cataract.

Diabetic Eye Surgery at Birinci Turkey , Istanbul , Turkey

Birinci Eye Hospital Turkey is now offering Diabetic Eye Surgery that costs only $6,986. 

Exclusive Eye and Lasik Care by Placid Greece , Athens , Greece

Eye Surgery Tourism Placid Greece

  • Eye/Lasik Surgery Tourism by Placid Greece is a medical tourism program operating in Greece with the major goal to provide high quality eye surgery to international patients
  • We are affiliated with the best hospitals and clinics in the Greek healthcare industry
  • Our associated physicians have a comprehensive curriculum which indicates the in depth knowledge of eye and Lasik surgery.
  • Our patients will be offered the best healthcare treatment whilst enjoying Greek hospitality.


Glaucoma Surgery at Istituto Auxologico Milan Italy , Milan , Italy

The glaucoma surgery package at Istituto Auxologico Italiano   costs only $5,875 USD for 1 day hospitalization.  

Lazy Eye Treatment at Birinci Turkey , Istanbul , Turkey

Birinci Eye Hospital Turkey is now offering CAM Treatment with NeuroVision for Amblyopia or Lazy Eye. 

Results 11 - 20 of 57

Eye/Lasik-Care Packages | Abroad

Find best and affordable Eye/Lasik-Care Packages around the globe. PlacidWay helps you find top Eye/Lasik-Care hospitals.

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