Scarless Eyebag Removal in Singapore

Scarless Eyebag Removal in Singapore

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Scarless Eyebag Removal in Singapore


Scarless Eyebag Removal in Singapore

Are you struggling with puffy eyes? Do you dream of getting rid of the eyebags, but you don’t want to have any scars left on your face? The scarless eyeback removal package available in Singapore may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Dr. Shenthilkumar Naidu Clinic is a clinic located in Singapore and features the newest medical facilities, focusing on cosmetic and plastic procedures. The medical team is comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals who understand each patient's particular condition and specific needs, creating an effective and customized treatment plan that best suits their lifestyle.

The scarless eyebag removal is a simple procedure which removes the fat from inside the eyelid. The eyebags (which lead to puffy eyes and a tired overall look) can be caused by several factors, like:

  • Allergy
  • Thickening of the eyelid muscle
  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Stress.

The procedure involves creating a minor access point through the inner lower eyelid (therefore avoiding any scar). The fat bags (also known as fat pads) will be removed by the clinic’s Korean-trained plastic surgeon. This is a one-time procedure and takes place under local anaesthesia.

Costs of Scarless Eyebag Removal in Singapore

What is the cost of the scarless eyebag removal?

At Dr. Shenthilkumar Naidu Clinic (Singapore), the scarless eyebag removal package costs $1,945.

Benefits of the scarless eyebag removal:

  • It’s done by an experienced, Korean-trained surgeon
  • It has no visible scars
  • It’s safe
  • The patient is ready to go back home/to work in 1 day
  • There is no stitch removal
  • It has a competitive price
  • It provides visible results unlike the usual long term treatment.

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