Anti Aging Revitalization Stem Cell Therapy in Kiev Ukraine

Anti Aging Revitalization Stem Cell Therapy in Kiev Ukraine

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Anti-aging Stem Cell Therapy in Kiev, Ukraine

Anti-aging Revitalization Stem Cell Therapy in Kiev, Ukraine

Aging is nothing more than depletion of body stem cell reserves. Stem cells are responsible for formation and renewal of organs and tissues, and their number is genetically programmed. Body stem spaces shrink, and our cell renewal slows down until there is only division of our aging specialized cells. At the same time, the body is affected by many other harmful factors: pollution, poor nutrition, bad habits, lifestyle and stress. So vitality reduces, healing processes slow down, skin loses its elasticity, and wrinkles appear. That’s what “getting older” is called. To reverse the signs and effects of aging, modern science offers an effective and natural solution – fetal stem cell therapy.

Fetal stem cells enlarge “free cell  spaces” in all organs and tissues, thus  retriggering self-renewal processes, and  stimulate own dormant stem cells of  the body resulting in immune boosting  and improvement of organs and  systems functioning, which is real  rejuvenation from inside.

Benefits of the Anti-aging Stem Cell Therapy

Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy

  • vitality improvement and chronic  fatigue disappearance
  • higher energy level and exercise  power
  • hair quality improvement
  • skin tone and elasticity refreshment
  • blood pressure and hormone level  stabilization
  • potency and libido improvement
  • sleep improvement
  • normalization of internal organs  functioning
  • immune boosting

Revitalization Stages

Day 1

1. Consultation by the Chief Doctor and General Practitioner.

2. Laboratory Tests:

  • complete blood count
  • blood chemistry
  • coagulation test
  • urine test
  • cancer markers
  • thyroid hormones
  • sexual hormones
  • viruses (hepatitis B and C, HIV - ELISA test)
  • blood type and Rh

3. Instrumental examinations:

  • ultrasound of the abdomen, pelvis and thyroid
  • ECG

4. Detox-therapy* (method is to be determined by the doctor upon examination and evaluation):

  • plasmaphereis session


  • detox solution (infusion)

5. Cosmetic procedures:

  • moisturizing or whitening mask
  • cryomassage of the face
  • machine massage of the scalp (d’Arsonval )
  • lymphatic massage (whole body)
  • heated pool and sauna

Day 2

1. Consultation by the General Practitioner or Specialist Doctor (depending on the test results).

2. Stem cell therapy.

Anti Aging Program in Kiev Ukraine

Day 3

1. Consultation by the General Practitioner.

2. Stem cell therapy.

Day 4

1. Consultation by the Chief Doctor and General Practitioner.

2. Discharge.

Price of the Treatment Includes the Following 

  • Airport-Clinic-Airport Transfer
  • Transportation to places of interest
  • Group Tours
  • Group Guide
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board (4 meals a day)
  • Tests
  • Examination by Infinity doctors
  • Plasmapheresis before treatment
  • Customized stem cell therapy
  • Follow-up

Why Choose Us?

Stem Cell Therapy in Kiev Ukraine

  • Each and every patient benefits from customized care tailored to their needs.
  • The guarantee of top notch quality of stem cell transplants.
  • The clinic implements the principle of an integrated holistic approach, treating the health issue at its root case.
  • The clinic sets the quality, safety and value standards in the discovery, development and delivery of preventive and regenerative medicine.
  • The medical center offers a wide variety of fetal stem cell types
  • In-house process of testing, processing, storage and application of stem cell therapy


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