Thailand - The Gender Reassignment Capital of the World

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Thailand - The Gender Reassignment Capital of the World

Thailand - The Gender Reassignment Capital of the World

Male to Female Sex Change Surgery On The Rise

Each year, the number of international patients choosing to undergo sex change surgery in Thailand is on a continuous increase.  The affordable prices, highly trained surgeons, and the culture's open-mindedness towards the gender identity make Thailand the Gender Reassignment Capital of the World.

Gender identity is a very important characteristic of human beings, and the change of sexual identity is one of the most, if not, the most important change that a person can experience. Some people feel they are physically a different sex than they are emotionally or mentally, so by the time they decide to have the surgery they have lived for a long time with a dissonant identity.

Sexual reassignment surgery is mostly performed outside the US due to lower costs and less stringent laws regarding this procedure. It is really hard to know exactly how many people have had this procedure in the US, but the Encyclopedia of Surgery says that "the number of gender reassignment procedures conducted in the United States each year is estimated at between 100 and 500". The number of surgeries worldwide is estimated to be up to five times larger.

Thailand - The Gender Reassignment Capital of the World

Thailand is known to have one of the largest transgender population in the world and it is one of the most accepting cultures, showing tolerance to a wide range of gender identity such as the kathoey - the effeminate men. The price for a sex reassignment surgery (SRS) in Thailand is about one-third the price of those performed in the U.S. Thailand capitalizes on decades of know-how, low-cost health care, as well as surgeons trained to perform a male tofemale sex gender transformation procedure.

Asia Cosmetic Clinic Thailand is one of the centers which performs the male to female sex change surgery. The clinic was founded by Dr. Tanongsak Panyawirunroj, who is one of the best plastic surgeons in the country.

"The demand for sex reassignment surgeries are increasing each year. More and more people are ready to come out of the closet and take the step to make this change thanks to the legal changes that prevent discrimination, the societal acceptance and the number of famous persons who decided to make this surgery. I have successfully performed numerous male to female sex change surgeries to patients coming from all over the world, but especially from Australia, China, and the Middle East," says Dr. Tanongsak Panyawirunroj.

Ratio of the Thai/Foreign MTF transsexual patients operated in Thailand

Periods               Thai/foreigners

1985–1990           95%/5%

1991–1995           90%/10%

1996–2000           75%/25%

2001–2005           50%/50%

2006–2010           30%/70%

2006–2010           30%/70%

2010–2012           10%/90%

Source: Hindawi The Scientific World Journal (

Sex Change Surgery

What is Sex Change Surgery?

Whether we call it sex change surgery, SRS, gender reassignment, or genital reconstruction surgery – it all refers to one and the same procedure. Its purpose is to change a person's physical appearance and function of his or her sexual characteristics.

To be a candidate for this type of procedures, the patient has to be at least 20 years old, has to take female hormones for one year, be healthy, pass the mental examination and eventually receive doctor certification.

Asia Cosmetic Clinic Thailand offers various types of male to female sex change procedure, depending on the patient's needs and desire, such as SRS 1 (the skin of the penis is used to create the vagina), SRS (the skin of the testicles is used to create the vagina) or SRS 3 (the intestine is converted into a vagina). All the procedures are performed by urology experts, with years of experience in this field. Depending on the patient's anatomy and expectations, the surgeon will choose the best type of SRS procedure, creating a personalized treatment plan.

Male to female (MTF) surgery is more common than female to male (FTM), as it has a higher success rate and it implies lesser procedures to be performed. Converting male to female anatomy requires the removal of the penis, reshaping genital tissue to appear more female, and constructing a vagina. After the surgery, the patient will have to take female hormones, which will reshape the body's contours and stimulate the growth of satisfactory female breasts.

"Many transgender people want to have sex-change surgery to truly feel confident and free. Having sex change surgery is an important decision to make because it will change a person's entire life. We want to make sure that people who are ready take this step have access to some of the best clinics in the world and experienced physicians trained to perform this procedure. Asia Cosmetic Clinic Thailand is among the top clinics that offer SRS in Thailand and we confidently advise patients to choose their services," says Pramod Goel, CEO, and Founder of PlacidWay.

About PlacidWay:

PlacidWay, the leader in the medical tourism industry, is a US-based company focused on connecting patients and medical providers from around the globe. PlacidWay was founded in 2007 and since then it has evolved into a recognized brand in the industry, providing full-service solutions from marketing and education to patient coordination, logistics, and provider management. PlacidWay's network has over 500 renowned medical centers from over 40 countries and 250 cities from India to Korea to Mexico and Turkey. PlacidWay is helping customers from all over the world get access to personalized, safe, and affordable medical care while meeting their budget requirements and destination consideration.

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